Order of Michael Ridpath Books

Michael Ridpath is an English author of financial and crime thriller novels. He writes the Fire and Ice series. Michael attended Millfield School and earned first-class honours in Modern History from Merton College, Oxford. He then spent eight years working for an international bank in London. Michael lives in London with his wife and three […]


Order of Christian Gillette Books

Christian Gillette is the protagonist in a series of financial thriller/suspense novels by American novelist Stephen W. Frey. Gillette is a 36 year-old superstar who works at Everest Capital, a private equity firm. When the founder suddenly dies, Christian is chosen to takeover his high-risk position.


Order of Stephen Frey Books

Stephen Frey is an American author of thriller and suspense novels. The common theme of many of his novels is that they take place in the financial world, although he has also written spy novels. Besides his writing, Stephen works as a managing director at a private equity firm in Florida.


Order of David Lender Books

David Lender is an American novelist of financial thriller novels. David spent 25 years as an investment banker, working for Merrill Lynch, the Rothschilds and Bank of America. He specialized in mergers and acquisitions. David took his knowledge as an insider on Wall Street into the world of fiction, creating corporate power broker, misfit and […]


Order of Norb Vonnegut Books

Norb Vonnegut is an American novelist of financial thrillers. He is also a Wall Street commentator/blogger. Before he began blogging, Norb worked for financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Paine Webber.