Order of Livia J. Washburn Books

Livia J. Washburn is an American author of mystery novels, western novels, paranormal romance and historical fiction. Throughout hr career, Livia has written as Elizabeth Hallam, Livia Hallam, Livia James, J.L. Reasoner, Livia Reasoner, L.J. Washburn and of course, as Livia J. Washburn. She started dating her future husband, James Reasoner, when she was a […]


Order of Wagons West Books

Wagons West is a series of Western/advenure/romance novels written under the house name Dana Fuller Ross (Noel B. Gerson and James Reasoner). The series begins in 1837 with the first settlers to the Oregon territory. From there, the series continues with the people who settled in the West, following a sizeable cast. The series was […]


Order of Noel B. Gerson Books

Noel Bertram Gerson (1914-1988) was an American author of largely historical fiction and non-fiction. An extremely prolific author, he wrote many biographies and biographical novels about many historical figures, such as Theodore Roosevelt, John Hancock, Sam Houston, Andrew Johnson, Henry Hudson, Mary Shelley, Captain John Smith and many others. He also wrote Western fiction under […]