Order of Harold Coyle Books

Harold Coyle is an American author of historical fiction, speculative fiction and military fiction. After graduating from the Virginia Military Institute in 1974, Coyle served for 14 years in the U.S. Army. He lives in Leavenworth, Kansas.


Order of Marion Zimmer Bradley Books

Marion Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction, as well as some gay & lesbian pulp fiction novels (which were controversial at the time) under various pseudonyms. Feminist views were a common theme in Bradley’s fiction. Bradley is best known for her Darkover series and to a lesser degree, […]


Order of David Wood Books

David Wood is an American author of action-thriller, adventure, fantasy and speculative fiction novels. He writes the Dane Maddock Adventures series as well as The Absent Gods fantasy series (as David Debord). He enjoys history, archaeology, mythology and cryptozoology. His favourite books include Pendergast by Preston & Child, the Dirk Pitt books, anything by James […]


Order of Fritz Leiber Books

Fritz Leiber (1910-1992) was an American novelist of fantasy, horror and science fiction. In addition to being an author, Leiber was also a poet, actor, playwright, chess player and a champion fencer. He is considered to be one of the fathers of Sword and Sorcery fantasy, along with Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock. He […]


Order of William Gibson Books

William Gibson is an American-Canadian author of speculative fiction, including cyberpunk and steampunk. He coined the term “cyberspace” back in 1982 in the short story Burning Chrome. He is perhaps best known for his debut novel, Neuromancer, where he elaborated on and popularized the concept of cyberspace. Gibson left the United States during the Vietnam […]


Order of Neal Stephenson Books

Neal Stephenson is an American author primarily of speculative fiction, but also of other sub-genres of science fiction, historical fiction, cyberpunk and several other genres. His novels involve subjects such as mathematics, philosophy and science. He also writes novels alongside his uncle J. Frederick George (real name George Jewsbury) under the collective pen name Stephen […]