Edna Buchanan is an American author of crime fiction/mystery novels and true crime non-fiction books. As a novelist, her best known work is her Britt Montero series. Buchanan is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist – an award she won in 1986 for her work as a police beat reporter in Miami. During her 18-year career […]


Keith Ablow, M.D. is an American author of psychological thriller novels and non-fiction books. He writes the Frank Clevenger series. His non-fiction books include self-help books, true crime and more. Ablow earned his Bachelor of Science in neurosciences, magna cum laude, from Brown University. He then received his Doctor of Medicine from Johns Hopkins Medical […]


Joseph Wambaugh is an American author of crime fiction, mystery novels and true crime non-fiction. Before becoming an author, Wambaugh served in the U.S. Marines and then joined the LAPD, where he served 14 years and made detective sergeant. Wambaugh often sets his novels in Los Angeles, where he often creates police officers with flawed […]


Gregg Olsen is an American author of thriller novels and true crime non-fiction. Some of the subjects of his true crime books include Mary Kay Letourneau, Stella Nickell, Linda Burfield Hazzard and Eli Stutzman. Olsen ha appeared on the television shows Good Morning America, The Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, 48 Hours and on TV stations […]


Ann Rule is an American author of true crime. Before she started writing on her own, she wrote for publications targetted at women, such as the magazine True Detective (using the pseudonym Andy Stack). She has written a book about seemingly almost every American serial killer. She has even delved into the world of fiction […]


Karen Kingsbury is an American novelist of Christian fiction. A prolific author, Karen has been dubbed “America’s #1 inspirational novelist” and the “Queen of Christian fiction.” A large portion of her novels deal with the Baxter Family. She has also written true crime, non-fiction and children’s books.