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Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) was an English author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. He is best known for his novels Brave New World, Island and Point Counter Point as well as his non-fiction books The Doors of Perception and The Perennial Philosophy. Common themes in his work included parapsychology, mysticism and spirituality. He is a member of the Huxley family, which also including such prominent members as Thomas Henry Huxley (his grandfather), Julian Huxley (his brother) and Andrew Huxley (his half-brother).

Aldous Huxley became a published author in 1916 with a poetry collection entitled The Burning Wheel. His first novel to be published was Crome Yellow, which was published in 1921. Below is a list of Aldous Huxley’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Crome Yellow (1921)Description / Buy at
Antic Hay (1923)Description / Buy at
Those Barren Leaves (1925)Description / Buy at
Brave New World (1932)Description / Buy at
Eyeless in Gaza (1936)Description / Buy at
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (1939)Description / Buy at
Time Must Have a Stop (1944)Description / Buy at
Ape and Essence (1948)Description / Buy at
The Genius and the Goddess (1955)Description / Buy at
Brave New World Revisited (1958)Description / Buy at
Island (1962)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

(with Christopher Isherwood, Amy Jurskis)

Jacob's Hands (With: Christopher Isherwood) (1939)Description / Buy at
A Teacher's Guide to Brave New World (With: Amy Jurskis) (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

The Burning Wheel (1916)Description / Buy at
The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems (1918)Description / Buy at
Limbo (1918)Description / Buy at
Mortal Coils (1922)Description / Buy at
Young Archimedes and Other Stories (1924)Description / Buy at
Selected Poems (1925)Description / Buy at
Two Or Three Graces and Other Stories (1926)Description / Buy at
Arabia Infelix and Other Poems (1929)Description / Buy at
Leda (1929)Description / Buy at
Brief Candles / After the Fireworks (1930)Description / Buy at
The Cicadas and Other Poems (1931)Description / Buy at
The Gioconda Smile (1932)Description / Buy at
Rotunda. A Selection... (1932)Description / Buy at
The Olive Tree and Other Essays (1936)Description / Buy at
The Art of Seeing (1942)Description / Buy at
Stories, Essays, and Poems (1942)Description / Buy at
Little Mexican - Six Stories (1948)Description / Buy at
Themes And Variations (1950)Description / Buy at
Collected Short Stories (1957)Description / Buy at
The Collected Poetry of Aldous Huxley (1971)Description / Buy at
Oxford Poetry; Volume 1914-1916 (2012)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Plays

Now More Than Ever (1933)Description / Buy at
The World of Light (2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Picture Books

The Crows of Pearblossom (1944)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

On the Margin (1923)Description / Buy at
Along the Road: Notes and Essays of a Tourist (1925)Description / Buy at
Essays New and Old (1926)Description / Buy at
Proper Studies (1928)Description / Buy at
Do What You Will (1929)Description / Buy at
Holy Face and Other Essays (1929)Description / Buy at
Vulgarity in Literature: Digressions from a Theme (1930)Description / Buy at
Jesting Pilate (1932)Description / Buy at
Texts and Pretexts (1933)Description / Buy at
Beyond the Mexique Bay (1934)Description / Buy at
Ends and Means (1937)Description / Buy at
The Elder Peter Bruegel 1528-1569 (1938)Description / Buy at
The Perennial Philosophy (1938)Description / Buy at
Words and Their Meanings (1940)Description / Buy at
Grey Eminence (1941)Description / Buy at
Science, Liberty And Peace (1946)Description / Buy at
The Devils of Loudun (1952)Description / Buy at
The Doors of Perception (1954)Description / Buy at
Adonis and the Alphabet and Other Essays (1956)Description / Buy at
Heaven and Hell (1956)Description / Buy at
Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1956)Description / Buy at
The Human Situation (1959)Description / Buy at
On Art and Artists (1960)Description / Buy at
Literature And Science (1963)Description / Buy at
Aldous Huxley: A Collection of Critical Essays (1968)Description / Buy at
Letters of Aldous Huxley. (1969)Description / Buy at
Huxley and God (By: Huston Smith) (1992)Description / Buy at
Music at Night and Other Essays (2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Christopher Isherwood Short Stories/Novellas

(with Christopher Isherwood)

Jacob's Hands (With: Christopher Isherwood) (1939)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Vintage Minis Books

Motherhood (By: Helen Simpson) (2017)Description / Buy at
Swimming (By: RogerDeakin) (2017)Description / Buy at
Love (By: Jeanette Winterson) (2017)Description / Buy at
Eating (By: Nigella Lawson) (2017)Description / Buy at
Psychedelics (2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Dalkey Archive Essentials Books

The Making of Americans (By: Gertrude Stein) (1925)Description / Buy at
Ryder (By: Djuna Barnes) (1928)Description / Buy at
Point Counter Point (1928)Description / Buy at
Family of Pascual Duarte (By: Anthony Kerrigan,Camilo José Cela) (1942)Description / Buy at
Angel in the Forest: A Fairy Tale of Two Utopias (By: Mark Van Doren,Marguerite Young) (1945)Description / Buy at
The Planetarium (By: Nathalie Sarraute,Maria Jolas) (1959)Description / Buy at
Miss MacIntosh, My Darling (By: Marguerite Young) (1965)Description / Buy at
Langrishe, Go Down (By: Aidan Higgins) (1966)Description / Buy at
Cigarettes (By: Harry Mathews) (1987)Description / Buy at
Billy and Girl (By: Deborah Levy) (1996)Description / Buy at
Europeana (By: Patrik Ouředník,Gerald Turner) (2001)Description / Buy at
Impossible Object (By: Nicholas Mosley) (2015)Description / Buy at
Sot-Weed Factor (By: John Barth) (2022)Description / Buy at
Trilogy (By: Jon Fosse) (2022)Description / Buy at
Mulligan Stew (By: Gilbert Sorrentino) (2022)Description / Buy at
La Batarde (By: Violette Leduc,Derek Coltman) (2023)Description / Buy at
Jade Cabinet (By: Rikki Ducornet) (2023)Description / Buy at
Nobodaddy's Children (By: John E. Woods,Arno Schmidt) (2023)Description / Buy at
Tomb for Boris Davidovich (By: Danilo Kiš) (2024)Description / Buy at
Chapel Road (By: ) (2025)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

50 Great Short Stories(1952)Description / Buy at
Writers At Work: The Paris Review Interviews(1957)Description / Buy at
War: An Anthology(1969)Description / Buy at
Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience, 1931-1963(1977)Description / Buy at
Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In(1999)Description / Buy at
Writing Los Angeles(2002)Description / Buy at
The Little Big Book of California(2005)Description / Buy at
The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America(2010)Description / Buy at
30 Eternal Masterpieces of Humorous Stories(2019)Description / Buy at
The Ultimate Short Story Bundle(2020)Description / Buy at

Notes: The novella Jacob’s Hands is co-authored with Christopher Isherwood. The Elder Peter Bruegel is co-authored with Jean Videpoche.

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Collected Short Stories has 21 stories from Aldous Huxley. The collection demonstrates his excellent prose and his social commentary.

Texts and Pretexts is a poetry collection that includes commentary from Huxley himself.

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