Antonio Manzini is an Italian author of crime fiction novels. He writes the Rocco Schiavone series. Aside from being a novelist, Manzini is also an actor, screenwriter and director. He resides in Italy.

Antonio Manzini made her debut as a novelist in 2015 with Black Run. Below is a list of Antonio Manzini’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Rocco Schiavone Books

Black Run (2015)Description / Buy at
Adam's Rib / A Cold Death (2016)Description / Buy at
Out of Season (2018)Description / Buy at
Spring Cleaning (2019)Description / Buy at

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Antonio Manzini Synopses: Black Run by Antonio Manzini is the first book in the Rocco Schiavone series. Deputy prefect of police Rocco Schiavone finds himself in serious trouble with the wrong crowd, leading to his exile to Aosta, a small, picturesque alpine town far removed from his beloved Rome. The urbane and cantankerous Roman harbors an aversion for mountains, snow, and the provincial residents of his new surroundings, matched only by his disdain for superiors and their petty regulations. What he does love, however, is solving crimes.

When a mutilated body is discovered on a ski slope above Champoluc, Rocco faces his initial challenge—determining the victim’s identity. This task is further complicated by his lack of knowledge about the customs, dialect, and history of his new home. Unperturbed and filled with pride, Rocco embarks on a journey through the ski runs, mountain lodges, and aerial tramways, acquainting himself with ski instructors, Alpine guides, the diligent and mysterious denizens of Aosta, and a handful of welcoming locals eager to embrace their new arrival.

Adjusting to mountain life won’t be a walk in the park, especially with a corpse or two thrown into the mix. Yet, for Rocco, there’s nothing more familiar and comforting than an investigation.

Adam’s Rib by Antonio Manzini is the second book in the Rocco Schiavone series. Six months into his exile from the cherished city of Rome, Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone has settled into a predictable routine in the chilly, quiet, and somewhat antiquated alpine town of Aosta. His daily regimen consists of home-brewed espresso, breakfast in the town square, and a morning joint in his office.

A bit of self-medication helps Rocco cope with the somewhat dimwitted local police force that seems to make up the majority of the town. And today, of all days, it’s crucial. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday (though, in his mind, Rocco remains steadfast in his loyalty to his late wife), and he hasn’t prepared a gift. To top it all off, he’s about to stumble upon a lifeless body.

The chain of events starts with a maid reporting a burglary in Aosta. However, there’s no sign of forced entry, and as Rocco investigates further, he becomes suspicious of the meticulous disorder in the ransacked rooms. It’s at that moment he discovers the body, a woman who appears to have been staged to look like a gruesome suicide. But Rocco’s intuition tells him that the scene has been manipulated, and he believes it’s a murder—a significant headache in the making.

Out of Season by Antonio Manzini is book 3 in the Rocco Schiavone series. In the frigid grip of spring in the alpine town of Aosta, a distressing event unfolds. A young girl, Chiara Berguet, daughter of the owners of a local construction company, falls victim to a calculated abduction. The perpetrators target her due to the substantial debt owed by her parents. However, as it often happens with well-laid plans, a blown tire derails the crime. The kidnappers’ van loses control, skidding off the road and crashing into a pair of larch trees. Both the driver and the accomplice meet their demise upon impact, leaving Chiara bound and gagged in the backseat, unable to extricate herself.

Meanwhile, Rocco Schiavone wakes up in Anna’s apartment. Anna is the best friend of his girlfriend, Nora, and he recalls the intense evening he spent with Anna the night before. Sneaking out of her place, he notices the first few snowstorm clouds of the spring season drifting across the sky, serving as an eerie harbinger of something amiss.

If the turmoil at home and a kidnapping case weren’t enough to deal with, Rocco will soon have to confront Enzo Baiocchi. Rocco was responsible for sending Enzo to prison, resulting in the death of Enzo’s brother in the process. Freshly escaped from prison, Enzo is heading north, armed with a newly acquired revolver and a clear intent for revenge. When a regrettable case of mistaken identity further darkens Enzo’s thirst for vengeance, it also sets the stage for a gruesome discovery upon Rocco’s return home.

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