Cassie Alexander is an American author of paranormal romance novels. She writes the Dark Ink Tattoo series. Her novels feature a combination of heart, heat, and blood. She sometimes collaborates with her friend, Kara Lockharte. Cassie lives in the Bay Area of California with her husband and cats.

Cassie Alexander made her debut as a novelist in 2012 with Nightshifted, which began her Edie Spence series. Below is a list of Cassie Alexander’s books in order of when they were first published:

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Publication Order of Dark Ink Tattoo Books

Blood of the Pack (2021)Description / Buy at
Blood at Dusk (2022)Description / Buy at
Blood by Midnight (2022)Description / Buy at
Blood by Moonlight (2022)Description / Buy at
Blood at Dawn (2022)Description / Buy at
Blood of the Dead (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Edie Spence Books

Publication Order of Prince of the Other Worlds Books

(with Kara Lockharte)

Dragon Called (2020)Description / Buy at
Dragon Destined (2020)Description / Buy at
Dragon Fated (2020)Description / Buy at
Dragon Mated (By: Kara Lockharte) (2020)Description / Buy at
Dragons Don't Date (2020)Description / Buy at
Dragon Mated (2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Transformation Books

Publication Order of Wardens of the Other Worlds Books

Dragon's Captive (2022)Description / Buy at
Wolf's Princess (2022)Description / Buy at
Wolf's Rogue (2023)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The House (2014)Description / Buy at
Rough Ghost Lover (2021)Description / Buy at
AITA? (2021)Description / Buy at
Her Future Vampire Lover (2021)Description / Buy at
Her Ex-Boyfriend's Werewolf Lover (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Monster Security Agency Books

Guarded by the Golem (By: Cara Wylde) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Chimera (By: Eden Ember) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Snake (By: Layla Fae) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Spider (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Kraken (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Leshy (By: Cara Wylde) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Vodnik (By: Layla Fae) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Phantom (By: Layla Fae) (2024)Description / Buy at
Guarded by the Nightmare (2024)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Bound by the Monster(2022)Description / Buy at
Monsters Before Men(2022)Description / Buy at
Monsters in Love: Lost in the Deeps(2023)Description / Buy at
Monsters in Love: Aloha Nui Loa(2023)Description / Buy at

If You Like Cassie Alexander Books, You’ll Love…

Cassie Alexander Reviews: Rough Ghost Lover by Cassie Alexander absolutely sizzles. If you’re a fan of scorching hot reads, this one will not disappoint. However, fair reader, be forewarned – it’s not for the faint of heart! When I describe it as “dark,” I’m not referring to a dark romance. In fact, there’s no love story or HEA in this tale. Rough Ghost Lover leans more toward the realm of dark paranormal fantasy. But despite the absence of traditional romance elements, it’s exceptionally well-crafted. I usually gravitate towards stories with redemption and happy endings, but I couldn’t resist falling for this book, which is a testament to Cassie Alexander’s skill as an author. I highly recommend it, and it’s one that I find myself revisiting time and again! -W.

Full-length sapphic monster romances are a rare find, and AITA? by Cassie Alexander fits the bill perfectly! It brings a healthy dose of spiciness to the table, earning it a two chili pepper rating from me. What’s pleasantly surprising is the sweetness that accompanies the story. It’s a fantastic read, and it beautifully portrays the journey of the human female main character as she learns to love herself. -W.

AITA? provided an incredibly enjoyable reading experience and kept me eagerly turning the pages. It stands out as a unique story, marked by excellent writing, compelling characters, and impressive world-building. While it offered lighthearted and sensual moments, it also skillfully delved into more profound themes, such as embracing one’s true self and recognizing one’s worthiness of love. These deeper topics were handled with finesse, never detracting from the overall enjoyment of the story. In short, I devoured this book with delight! 😄 -L.

Her Future Vampire Lover is refreshingly unique, featuring a Queen who has spent an astonishing 300 years confined to her palace, never having laid eyes on the people or the land she governs. In Ilylle’s world, her council makes all the decisions, rendering her little more than a symbolic figurehead. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she is informed of her impending marriage to a man she has never met, someone who has been encased in stone for millennia. While apprehensive, Ilylle also feels a spark of excitement, as her life of isolation has left her yearning for something more.

Zaan, on the other hand, awakens from his stony slumber in a state of confusion. As he unravels the truth about the immense passage of time and the peculiar circumstances surrounding his existence, he becomes instrumental in helping Ilylle tap into her latent power and discover the extent of the deception that has shrouded her life. This story unfolds with sizzling sensuality, culminating in a satisfying conclusion and a heartwarming HEA. -Barb

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