Chris Allen is an Australian author of action thriller novels. He writes the Intrepid series, featuring Alex Morgan. Chris is formerly a paratrooper, having served in three Commonwealth armies, retiring as Major. He also has served in law enforcement, leading security operations for an international aid agency in East Timor and took over protection of the Sydney Opera House when it was vandalized. Chris was appointed Sheriff of New South Wales in 1998 – a historic law enforcement appointment in Australia. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Sarah, and their two children.

Chris Allen made his debut as a novelist in 2012 with the novel Defender. Below is a list of Chris Allen’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Intrepid Books

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Chris Allen Synopsis: Defender is the first Intrepid novel by Chris Allen. Alex Morgan works for Interpol as an Intrepid agent – part-policeman, part-soldier, part-spy. When an intelligence agent is brutally murdered and the president of a small African country is put at risk, Morgan is sent in on his first solo mission. His cover is to evacuate a group of aid workers, with the help of the beautiful but distant Arena Halls, before the country is swept by civil war. But his true mission is much darker. A spy has gone rogue – and there’s more at stake than the guy’s career in the Secret Intelligence Service. A heart-pounding, no-holds-barred chase from the dark heart of Africa to the crystalline waters of Sydney culminates in a fight to the death to stop a vicious renegade intelligence officer and uncover the shadowy conspiracy behind him. Can Morgan stay alive long enough to save the girl, save himself and bring them all to justice?

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