Christopher Swiedler is an American author. He made his debut as an author in 2020 with the release of In The Red.

Prior to becoming an author, Swiedler worked as a software engineer. He has kept writing as a goal though and his current goal in life is to win the Newberry Honor, not the Newberry Medal, as he believes being a runner-up is something that helps to build character in a person. Christopher makes his home in California with his wife and three children.

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The Orpheus Plot follows Lucas Adebayo, a young man who grew up on a mining ship in the asteroid belt. He’s held a dream to join the Navy and become a pilot, but the Navy has never before taken a cadet from the asteroid belt. Lucas has the skills though and he earns his place on the Orpheus, a training ship. His life in the Navy is a lot different than it was in the Belt and he struggles at first. He’s an outsider among his peers and now an outsider at home as well. He finds himself caught between the two worlds, his past and future. A Belter rebellion takes place and puts everyone at risk, but he’s the right person to lead them to peace.

In the Red takes place on a colony on Mars. Michael Prasad lives here and is not allowed to go out onto the surface of Mars alone. It is dangerous out there and he is not to go out alone. One day, his friend Lilith suggests they sneak out to prove everyone wrong. They end up miles from the colony when a solar flare hits the planet and knocks out all electronics, including the magnetic field that protects them from the sun. Now, the two are stranded hours from home and must risk everything to get back to the colony alive.

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