Douglas Reeman is a British author of historical naval fiction, both under his real name and as Alexander Kent. In real life, Reeman enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1940 when he was 16 and served during World War II and the Korean War. He writes the Richard Bolitho series as well as the Blackwood Family series (aka Royal Marines).

Douglas Reeman became a published author in 1958 with the standalone title A Prayer for the Ship. Below is a list of Douglas Reeman’s books in order of when they were first published (as well as in chronological order when necessary):

Publication Order of Richard Bolitho Books

(as Alexander Kent)

To Glory We Steer (1968)Description / Buy at
Form Line of Battle (1969)Description / Buy at
Enemy in Sight (1969)Description / Buy at
The Flag Captain (1971)Description / Buy at
Sloop of War (1971)Description / Buy at
Command a King's Ship (1973)Description / Buy at
Signal-Close Action! (1973)Description / Buy at
Midshipman Bolitho (1975)Description / Buy at
Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger (1976)Description / Buy at
Stand into Danger (1976)Description / Buy at
Passage to Mutiny (1976)Description / Buy at
In Gallant Company (1977)Description / Buy at
The Inshore Squadron (1978)Description / Buy at
A Tradition of Victory (1981)Description / Buy at
Success to the Brave (1983)Description / Buy at
Colours Aloft! (1986)Description / Buy at
Honour this Day (1987)Description / Buy at
With All Despatch (1989)Description / Buy at
The Only Victor (1990)Description / Buy at
Beyond the Reef (1992)Description / Buy at
The Darkening Sea (1993)Description / Buy at
For My Country's Freedom (1995)Description / Buy at
Cross of St. George (1996)Description / Buy at
Sword of Honour (1998)Description / Buy at
Second to None (1999)Description / Buy at
Relentless Pursuit (2001)Description / Buy at
Man of War (2002)Description / Buy at
Band of Brothers (2005)Description / Buy at
Heart of Oak (2007)Description / Buy at
In the King's Name (2011)Description / Buy at

Chronological Order of Richard Bolitho Books

(as Alexander Kent)

Midshipman Bolitho(1975)Description / Buy at
Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger(1976)Description / Buy at
Band of Brothers(2005)Description / Buy at
Stand into Danger(1976)Description / Buy at
In Gallant Company(1977)Description / Buy at
Sloop of War(1971)Description / Buy at
To Glory We Steer(1968)Description / Buy at
Command a King's Ship(1973)Description / Buy at
Passage to Mutiny(1976)Description / Buy at
With All Despatch(1989)Description / Buy at
Form Line of Battle(1969)Description / Buy at
Enemy in Sight(1969)Description / Buy at
The Flag Captain(1971)Description / Buy at
Signal-Close Action!(1973)Description / Buy at
The Inshore Squadron(1978)Description / Buy at
A Tradition of Victory(1981)Description / Buy at
Success to the Brave(1983)Description / Buy at
Colours Aloft!(1986)Description / Buy at
Honour this Day(1987)Description / Buy at
The Only Victor(1990)Description / Buy at
Beyond the Reef(1992)Description / Buy at
The Darkening Sea(1993)Description / Buy at
For My Country's Freedom(1995)Description / Buy at
Cross of St. George(1996)Description / Buy at
Sword of Honour(1998)Description / Buy at
Second to None(1999)Description / Buy at
Relentless Pursuit(2001)Description / Buy at
Man of War(2002)Description / Buy at
Heart of Oak(2007)Description / Buy at
In the King's Name(2011)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Blackwood Family Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Prayer for the Ship (1958)Description / Buy at
High Water (1959)Description / Buy at
Send a Gunboat (1960)Description / Buy at
Dive in the Sun (1961)Description / Buy at
The Hostile Shore (1962)Description / Buy at
The Last Raider (1963)Description / Buy at
H.M.S Saracen (1965)Description / Buy at
With Blood and Iron (1965)Description / Buy at
Path of the Storm (1966)Description / Buy at
Deep Silence (1967)Description / Buy at
The Pride and the Anguish (1968)Description / Buy at
To Risks Unknown (1969)Description / Buy at
The Greatest Enemy (1970)Description / Buy at
Rendezvous - South Atlantic (1972)Description / Buy at
His Majestys U-boat / Go In and Sink! (1973)Description / Buy at
The Destroyers (1974)Description / Buy at
Winged Escort (1975)Description / Buy at
Surface with Daring (1976)Description / Buy at
Strike From The Sea (1979)Description / Buy at
A Ship Must Die (1979)Description / Buy at
Torpedo Run (1981)Description / Buy at
Against the Sea (1981)Description / Buy at
The Volunteers (1985)Description / Buy at
The Iron Pirate (1986)Description / Buy at
In Danger's Hour (1988)Description / Buy at
The White Guns (1989)Description / Buy at
Killing Ground (1991)Description / Buy at
Sunset (1994)Description / Buy at
A Dawn Like Thunder (1997)Description / Buy at
Battlecruiser (1997)Description / Buy at
For Valour (1999)Description / Buy at
Twelve Seconds to Live (2002)Description / Buy at
The Glory Boys (2006)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Douglas Reeman Introduces Sea Captain's Tales (1986)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Against the Sea (1981)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Richard Bolitho was written under the pseudonym Alexander Kent. His Majesty’s U-Boat was also published under the title Go In and Sink.

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