Fiona Grace is an author of cozy mystery novels and book series. She is the author of the Lucy Doyle series as well as the Beachfront Bakery Cozy Mystery series, the Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery series, the Dubious Witch Cozy Mystery series, and the Tuscan Vineyard series.

Her first series was the Lacey Doyle series which began in 2019 with the release of Murder in the Manor.

Publication Order of Beachfront Bakery Cozy Mystery Books

A Killer Cupcake (2020) |
A Murderous Macaron (2021) |
A Perilous Cake Pop (2021) |
A Deadly Danish (2021) |
A Treacherous Tart (2021) |
A Calamitous Cookie (2021) |

Publication Order of Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery Books

Olive Oil and Murder (2020) |
Figs and a Cadaver (2020) |
Vino and Death (2021) |
Capers and a Calamity (2021) |
Orange Groves and Vengeance (2021) |
Cannoli and a Casualty (2022) |
Spaghetti and Suspicion (2022) |
Lemons and a Predicament (2022) |

Publication Order of A Dubious Witch Cozy Mystery Books

An Episode of Murder (2020) |
An Episode of Crime (2021) |
An Episode of Death (2021) |

Publication Order of Lacey Doyle Books

Murder in the Manor (2019) |
Death and a Dog (2019) |
Crime in the Café (2020) |
Vexed on a Visit (2020) |
Killed With a Kiss (2020) |
Perished by a Painting (2020) |
Silenced by a Spell (2021) |
Framed by a Forgery (2021) |
Catastrophe in a Cloister (2021) |

Publication Order of Tuscan Vineyard Books

Aged for Murder (2020) |
Aged for Death (2020) |
Aged for Mayhem (2020) |
Aged for Seduction (2020) |
Aged for Vengeance (2021) |
Aged for Acrimony (2021) |
Aged for Malice (2021) |

If You Like Fiona Grace Books, You’ll Love…

Aged for Murder is the first book in the Tuscan Vineyard series. The book starts with a woman named Olivia Glass who concocts an ad for cheap wine that makes the advertising agency that she works for shoot to the top and earns her the promotion that she’s longed dreamed of. However, Olivia finds that this is not the life that she signed up for. Making matters worse for her, her long-time boyfriend is discovered to have been cheating on her. Olivia comes to the realization that it is time to make a change in her life. She had always dream of moving to Tuscany and when a cottage becomes available for her, she takes it. She’ll find her place her, but not before she needs to get to work solving a small-town murder mystery.

The first book in the Lacey Doyle series is called Murder in the Manor. The book sees a newly divorced Lacey Doyle who knows that she needs to make a change in life. To do so, she quits her job in New York City and heads off to a quaint English seaside town known as Wilfordshire. The town is just as she remembers it from her childhood and she decides to stay. All eyes are on her as a newcomer in town and she has her hands full with a crime to solve.

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