Humphrey Hawksley is an English journalist as well as an author best known for writing the Rake Ozenna and the Future History series of books.

Hawksley got his education in Kent at St Lawrence College, Ramsgate. After he finished his schooling, Humphrey joined the Merchant Navy. He would then go on to work in news and made his way to BBC foreign correspondent. His written work has appeared in multiple publications as well, including The Guardian, Financial Times, and The Times. Hawksley has also had his hand in television documentaries like The Curse of Gold, Bitter Sweet, and Danger: Democracy at Work

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Man on Ice is the first book in the Rake Ozenna thriller series. The story follows a special agent named Rake Ozenna who lives on a tiny Alaskan island with a population of only eighty. One day he sees a fleet of Russian military helicopters heading toward his home and he has no idea why. The Russians are playing a dangerous political game and wish to retake this island as their own. They don’t care if they antagonize the United States. Rake finds himself caught in the crosshairs of this dangerous game and decides that he will do whatever it takes to save this island and its people, or die trying.

Dragon Strike is the first book in the Future History series by Hawksley and Simon Holberton. The story begins at the start of Operation Dragon Strike as Chinese warplanes tear apart Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam, a key strategic naval base for the United States. The book wrote about things that had not happened yet, but that the author felt may happen if the United States did not handle the rise of China well.

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