Jez Cajiao is an author of LitRPG novels. He writes the Rise of Mankind series and the UnderVerse series. Jez started working in the family catering business at age 11. He spent many years working in catering, and then worked in Greece. Following that, he began a short career in welding, where he developed welder’s lung. He got furloughed due to the pandemic and began writing every single day. Now, he writes full-time.

Jez Cajiao made his debut in 2020 with Brightblade. Below is a list of Jez Cajiao’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Jez Cajiao Synopses: Arise: Alpha is the first book in the Arise series by Jez Cajiao. When you’ve pilfered a hundred grand from some incredibly dangerous individuals, the key to staying alive is to maintain a low profile…

Maybe it’s not the best idea to rescue a pair of drowning girls, avoid becoming a social media sensation, and most definitely not to surrender your passport to the local authorities, stranding yourself on a small “party” island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

But Steve is not your average guy. He’s a former military operative, a one-time enforcer, and something more than human. He’s a solitary, nanite-enhanced force of destruction for those who dare to cross the line. And now, he’s decided that it’s time to atone for his past misdeeds. He’s determined to make amends for the sins he’s committed and protect the innocent.

It’s a comforting notion, though he acknowledges that it’s merely a rationalization. You see, he’s a deeply flawed individual with nightmarish capabilities, and he’s only beginning to grasp the extent of his powers. He requires a purpose to resist his darker inclinations, and if that means hunting down supernatural creatures and dispatching them with their own bones, then he’s more than qualified for the task.

Jez Cajiao Reviews: The story of Artem: Revenant is exceptionally well-crafted, boasting an engaging narrative, impressive world-building, and a cast of outstanding characters. The editing is impeccable, devoid of typos or errors of any kind.

As an avid fan of the author, I want to offer a constructive critique, albeit a nit-picking one. While the tension and anger levels in the story were high, bordering on heavy-handed, they were slightly too intense for my personal taste. The relentless tension, at times, felt somewhat excessive, and I believe the book would have thrived with a slightly lighter touch in that regard.

The main character’s anger is certainly understandable and relatable, given the circumstances of the story. However, there were moments when it felt like he was constantly on a short fuse, potentially making him less relatable than he could have been.

The recurring themes of deception and haggling within the story, while effective for world-building and creating tension, may have been slightly overdone. When nearly every character and vendor seems out to take advantage of others, it can make the entire world appear unlikable, as if nothing is worth saving. This can create a sense of frustration as a reader.

In a cyberpunk setting, it’s acceptable to introduce morally upright characters and individuals who aren’t solely focused on exploitation, which could add depth and a more balanced perspective to the narrative.

Overall, this feedback is intended to provide a nuanced view of the story’s elements and how they may be perceived by different readers. It’s a testament to the author’s talent that the story’s strengths far outweigh these minor critiques. -Andy

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