Nicoli Gonnella is an author of LitRPG novels. He writes the Unbound series. Nicoli has been writing for as long as he remembers, but now he writes full-time. The more readers he gets, the more he levels up, and he hasn’t maxed out yet. Nicoli is married with two kids.

Nicoli Gonnella made his debut as a novelist in 2022 with Dissonance, which began his Unbound series. Below is a list of Nicoli Gonnella’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Unbound Books

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Nicoli Gonnella Synopses: Dissonance by Nicoli Gonnella is the first book in the Unbound series. Felix’s existence on Earth had devolved into a string of fruitless jobs, fractured relationships, and a ceaseless cycle of minuscule living spaces. Even in his own estimation, he considered himself a timorous soul—a person paralyzed by fear, avoiding leaps of faith and the unknown. Yet, when confronted with the choice between facing mortal danger head-on or retreating, his response was unequivocal.

In the precipice of a lethal encounter, a moment before his impending doom, Felix was whisked away from his earthly reality and thrust into an enigmatic realm referred to as ‘The Continent.’ Transformed by the enigmatic ‘System,’ he uncovers the potential to enhance himself through combat prowess and unwavering dedication. Now, to survive in this uncharted territory, he must propel himself far beyond the confines of his known capabilities, contending with the ever-present threat of the myriad monsters that stalk this new domain.

Here, the world operates under the dynamics of levels, statistics, and arcane powers. Death functions as a prologue to a dire destiny, yet if he manages to persevere, Felix’s trajectory is an enigma to all. His survival journey is not only one of overcoming peril but also of untapped transformation—an uncertain path that could lead to unimaginable outcomes.

Silence by Nicoli Gonnella is the second book in the Unbound series. Felix’s gamble to halt the looming menace of the Unending Maw carried a steep price—he risked everything. However, the aftermath led to an unexpected twist. Instead of facing death, he and his steadfast Companion Pit found themselves ensnared within the treacherous clutches of the Void—a realm far more sinister than the dreaded Foglands. Astonishingly, the very entity they sought to thwart, the Maw, is their grim companion in this grim place, somehow tethered to Felix in a manner that remains cryptic to all but resonates with a shared loathing.

In the heart of this desolate expanse known as the Void, the trio must traverse a landscape plagued by unfathomable perils: from the ever-menacing voidbeasts to ruthless marauders, all while contending with the creeping malevolence propagated by the Maw itself. The struggle for survival in this shadowy abyss is a relentless ordeal, pushing Felix to muster every ounce of his mettle and resourcefulness. But mere survival is but the initial challenge—escaping this nightmarish realm will demand even more.

Felix’s resilience, determination, and cunning will be tested to their utmost limits as they navigate the unforgiving terrain of the Void. The odds are overwhelmingly against them, and the shadows of uncertainty loom large. Yet, the trio’s collective resolve may offer a glimmer of hope amidst the desolation, forging a path towards the elusive goal of freedom.

Hunger is the third book in Nicoli Gonnella’s Unbound series. Having triumphed over the harrowing trials of the Void, Felix re-emerges on the Continent, a testament to his indomitable spirit. Amid the embrace of civilization, specifically the city of Haarwatch, a disconcerting issue emerges—a new, ominous threat looms.

The Inquisition, an entity committed to eradicating sorcery and all manner of unnatural aberrations, arrives with a heavy hand, casting a pall of dread over the city. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Felix bears an even darker burden—the relentless presence of the Primordial Maw within his very being. As he navigates this perilous landscape, he’s compelled to reunite with his allies and unearth a means to extricate this malevolent fragment that resides within him. The clock ticks ominously, threatening to plunge everything into chaos.

In tandem with these personal struggles, a sinister undertone pervades the core of Haarwatch itself, festering in the shadows. Plots of a nefarious nature intertwine, with the potential for dire and blood-soaked repercussions awaiting any unfortunate enough to attract the Inquisition’s unwavering attention.

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