Kelly Parsons is an American author of medical thriller novels. He is a board-certified urologist with degrees from Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins, and he is on the faculty at the University of California San Diego. He lives with his family in Southern California.

Kelly Parsons made his debut as a published novelist in 2014 with the novel Doing Harm. Below is a list of Kelly Parsons’ books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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Kelly Parsons Synopsis: Doing Harm is a standalone title by Kelly Parsons. Chief resident Steve Mitchell has all of the qualities of a quintessential surgeon: ambitious, intelligent, confident. Charged with molding a group of medical trainees into doctors, and in line for a coveted job, Steve has a bright future. But when a hospital patient mysteriously dies, it becomes clear that it’s a case of foul play. And the killer is set on playing a deadly game with Steve. Someone is holding information that could ruin Steve’s career-and his marriage – and is willing to kill to achieve his means. Now, alone and under a cloud of suspicion, Steve must discover a way to outsmart his opponent and save the killer’s next victim before the cycle repeats itself, again and again…

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