Kurt Schlichter is an American author, a trial lawyer, and a retired Army infantry colonel. He is well known of his position as a Senior Columnist for Townhall.com where he writes twice per week. As an author, he writes “dystopian conservative action” novels such as the Kelly Turnbull series.

Schlichter is a frequent guest and commentator on radio programs and television programs where he discusses political, military and legal issues. He attended Loyola Law School where he graduated in 1994. At the University of California, San Diego he majored in Communications and Political Science as an undergraduate.

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People’s Republic is the first book in the Kelly Turnbull series of books. The book takes place in a fictional near future where the United States has been divided by their political and cultural differences with the country being split into two. There are the former blue states which is where Kelly is headed. Kelly is a lethal operative with a violent past and his latest mission will take him deep into the heart of the People’s Republic of North America and into the now nightmarish city of Los Angeles as he seeks to complete his mission.

Another book in the series is called Crisis and this one tells the story of how American ended up being split apart by the political divisions. Turnbull is brought back to the United States from a CIA mission in Iraq to attempt to stop the United States from entering into a civil war. He will pursue a “leftist terrorist mastermind” who wants the entire country to burn. Turnbull’s mission will take him from Capitol Hill to Minnesota to California as he seeks to catch the terrorist before it is too late for America.

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    Is there a list of the K Turnbull series that indicates the storyline sequence?


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      Hi Daniel – I’ve added the chronological order to the series listing above now 🙂


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