Lillian Lark is an American author of paranormal romance novels. She writes the Monstrous Matches series. Lillian is from Utah. She loves to read, has cats, and enjoys writing spicy stories.

Lillian Lark made her debut as a novelist in 2020 with the standalone novel Tangled Wires. Below is a list of Lillian Lark’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Harpies of a Feather Books

Three of Hearts (2020)Description / Buy at
Pair of Fools (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Monstrous Matches Books

Stalked by the Kraken (2021)Description / Buy at
Deceived by the Gargoyles (2022)Description / Buy at
Found by the Lake Monster (2022)Description / Buy at
Ensnared by the Werewolf (2022)Description / Buy at
Entranced by the Basilisks (2022)Description / Buy at
Hoarded by the Dragon (2023)Description / Buy at
Married to the Devil (2024)Description / Buy at

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Lillian Lark Synopsis: Three of Hearts by Lillian Lark is the first book in her Harpies of a Feather series. Zephyrine, a harpy, finds herself in an unexpected situation after a favor goes awry, challenging the core harpy rule that discourages romantic entanglements with men. Greg, a wolf shifter, believes he’s found his soulmate, but his wolf is conflicted. Enter Asa, a demon and Greg’s ex-lover, determined to keep them both. Together, they navigate the complexities of desire, shifting dynamics, and the challenge of balancing a love triangle. As they explore their connections, the trio must confront the unconventional nature of their relationships and find a way to make it work.

Lillian Lark Reviews: Tangled Wires by Lillian Lark has become a personal favorite! Not only did it provide a high level of entertainment, but it also delved into important themes like mental illness and suicide. Additionally, it skillfully explored the moral quandaries surrounding the concept of humanity in created beings. The characters were delightful, and the narrative unfolded seamlessly, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. -B.

I appreciate books featuring morally ambiguous heroes or characters, and Her Vigilante by Lillian Lark did not disappoint! It delivered the expected blend of humor and steamy encounters, characteristic of Ms. Lark’s other works I’ve read. The added element of a hunt brought an exciting dimension to the story, making it a thoroughly well-written experience. -S.

I anticipated a fun read with Stalked by the Kraken by Lillian Lark, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not only entertaining but also creative and incredibly steamy. The Kraken’s dominance in his interactions with his mate adds an exciting element to the story. The inclusion of primal play, tentacles, and the mate bond is well-crafted and contributes to the overall steaminess. Highly recommend. -C.J.

It’s too bad Three of Hearts isn’t longer! I found myself enamored with the beautiful, mythical triad, their profound emotions, struggles, and their longing for acceptance and love. The well-placed and perfectly crafted sex scenes made this book a quick but satisfying read.

The story, blending the smashing of traditions with the themes of trust, coupled with the vibrant supporting cast, all set against a backdrop of paranormal creatures, magic, and modern technology, left me wanting more.

Lillian Lark has certainly gained a lifelong fan in me, and I’m eagerly anticipating the next book in this series! -D.R.

With Pair of Fools, I was impressed by another great read from Lillian Lark. The story of Mace and Sophia not only had a good amount of spice but also presented an intriguing plot that kept me in suspense throughout.

Even though I read Stalked by the Kraken first, this book is a standalone that you can pick up and enjoy without having read previous books.

I found it engaging, and I’m eagerly looking forward to Lillian’s next work. -Jai

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