Paulette Jiles is an American author of poetry, novels and non-fiction. She holds a degree in Romance Languages from the University of Missouri. While not writing, Paulette works on her ranch, caring for two horses and a donkey. She prefers writing in the mornings, but shift to the afternoons during hot weather months, as she needs the cooler mornings to get ranch work done. Paulette lives in Texas.

Paulette Jiles made her debut with the poetry collection Waterloo Express. She debuted as a novelist in 1978 with the novel The Golden Hawk. Below is a list of Paulette Jiles’ books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Golden Hawks (1978)Amazon UK |
Sitting in the Club Car Drinking Rum and Karma-Kola (1986)Amazon UK |
The Late Great Human Road Show (1986)Amazon UK |
Enemy Women (2002)Amazon UK |
Stormy Weather (2007)Amazon UK |
The Color of Lightning (2009)Amazon UK |
Lighthouse Island (2013)Amazon UK |
News of the World (2016)Amazon UK |
Simon the Fiddler (2020)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Waterloo Express (1973)Amazon UK |
Celestial Navigation (1984)Amazon UK |
The Jesse James Poems (1988)Amazon UK |
Blackwater (1988)Amazon UK |
Song to the Rising Sun (1989)Amazon UK |
Flying Lesson (1995)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Cousins (1992)Amazon UK |
North Spirit (1995)Amazon UK |

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Paulette Jiles Synopsis: The Golden Hawks is a standalone title by Paulette Jiles. The Golden Hawks want a clubhouse of their own. But where can they find one in their new housing development on the edge of the city? First they try to make their clubhouse in Joe’s bedroom, but their parents get angry when the kids hammer holes in the wall. Then they scare themselves silly looking for scrap wood in an empty – and spooky – apartment building. Finally they try to make money so they can build a clubhouse. Will the Golden Hawks ever have a place to call their own?

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