Raylin Marks is an author of erotic romance novels. She writes the Billionaires’ Club series. Raylin loves creating new worlds with believable characters and men to swoon over. She loves coffee and sending amusing GIFs to her friends.

Raylin Marks made her debut as a novelist in 2018 with Life Blood, beginning her Immortal Devotion series. Below is a list of Raylin Marks’ books in order of when they were originally published:

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Raylin Marks Reviews: His Secret by Raylin Marks is unquestionably one of the most remarkable love narratives I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! From the plot’s intricacy to the characters’ depth and the absolutely captivating romantic encounters, I find myself yearning to dive back in and relive it repeatedly. As a dedicated reader, devouring at least three books per week, I can genuinely attest that it’s been quite a while since any literary work has evoked the emotions and sensations this book did for me. -Anonymous

While I’m not a literary expert, I do have my own preferences and an understanding of what keeps me engaged in a book. I tend to lose interest quickly if the plot doesn’t captivate me, but this particular book (Life Blood by Raylin Marks) managed to hold my attention throughout.

Without revealing any spoilers, I appreciated that the main character displayed a more realistic response to the revelation about vampires. Her reactions aligned with what I would expect from an ordinary person discovering the existence of vampires.

However, my primary concern revolved around the lack of character development for the cousins. They felt somewhat like an afterthought, hastily introduced without any deep emotional connection. And then there’s the mother – oh, the mother! Her situation felt quite predictable, and her handling of both her own life circumstances and her daughter’s left me frustrated. Leaving a letter in such a perilous place seemed like an imprudent choice given the circumstances. -Tammy

I just finished Dr. Mitchell by Raylin Marks. Right from the start, I was absolutely captivated by the magnetic pull between two individuals who are polar opposites. Their connection, warm and enchanting, became my favorite love story. They weathered numerous challenging circumstances, and despite facing a series of storms, their love managed to conquer all obstacles. I’m eagerly anticipating Jim’s story next. -Mary

OMG! First Bite surpassed my expectations and was even better than the first! The clever Star Wars reference added an extra layer of enjoyment to the story. I found it incredibly difficult to put the book down, as it kept me completely engrossed. Now, I’m eagerly anticipating the next and final installment in this series. -J.J.

Raylin Marks Synopsis: Blood Lust by Raylin Marks is the third book in the Immortal Devotion series. Elle and her four vampire companions shared an intense sensual bond, where love and lust intertwined. However, their idyllic union was upended when an ancient curse descended upon her, awakening a ravenous desire within her.

Their once unbreakable connection now hinges on Elle’s insatiable cravings, fueled by the dark magic that has insinuated itself into their lives. Determined to spare her beloved vampires from the curse’s torment, Elle is willing to go to any lengths.

As they come to terms with the fact that breaking the curse requires more than just the skills of a witch, the Banners take on a covert mission. They infiltrate a vampire academy, seeking answers from a singular figure who may hold the key to their salvation.

While the Banners are known as some of the mightiest immortals in existence, they face an unexpected vulnerability in the form of a lone human—Elle. Their resolve to liberate her from a life dominated by primal desires, from the relentless pursuit of sex and blood, is unwavering. Yet, a complex question lingers: do all of them truly desire to reverse this curse?

In a maelstrom of love, desire, and insatiable yearning, Elle’s hunger for her vampires intensifies, leaving her in an agonizing state within the academy’s confines. The tension escalates as they struggle to quell her mounting appetite, yearning for the solution that will finally set them free from the throes of the dark enchantment.

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