Richard Price is an American author best known for writing The Wanderers, Clockers, and The Whites.

The Wanderers was made in a film in 1979 directed by Philip Kaufman. Clockers was the winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award. The book was also adapted into a film, 1995’s Clockers, directed by Spike Lee. Price graduated from Bronx High School of Science in 1967 and went on to attend Cornell and Columbia. In addition to his writing, Price also taught writing at Columbia, Yale, and New York University. He has also worked extensively as a screenwriter. His screenwriting credits include HBO’s The Wire, The Color of Money, and Shaft.

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Clockers follows a veteran homicide detective named Rocco Klein. One night he gets a case of another drug murder, a common occurrence that he has no reason to think is special. A young Black man confesses to the crime, but he soon learns that the young man had never been in any kind of trouble. The man’s brother is quite the opposite, running a crew of drug dealers. Klein is sure that he is innocent and that the brother is the real killer. The case brings back Rocco’s hunger for the job in this suspenseful murder mystery.

The Whites follows a police officer named Billy Graves. He worked in the South Bronx with a unit known as the Wild Geese in the mid-1990s and made headlines after accidentally shooting a ten-year-old boy. He wasn’t fired, but he spent years in dead end postings after being branded as a loose cannon. Graves is now in his early forties and a sergeant in Manhattan Night Watch. The team of detectives deals with post-midnight felonies in the city. One night they are called to the fatal killing of a man in Penn Station. Usually the Night Watch hands off their cases, but Billy sees a connection to his time with the Wild Geese and takes a personal interest.

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