Rick Campbell is a former member of the United States Navy who upon retirement became a full-time author. He made his debut as an author with the book The Trident Deeption which drew comparisons to the great The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy. His book have all been Barnes & Noble Top 20 sellers as well as topping the sellers list on Amazon.

Campbell graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland before spending over thirty years in the Navy. He worked on four nuclear powered submarines as well as stints in the Pentagon and as part of the Undersea Weapons Program Office. He was actually one of the two men whose permission was need to launch a nuclear warhead on his last mission.

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The book that really put Campbell on the map was The Trident Deception. This book sees the USS Kentucky, a Trident ballistic missile submarine, on a routine patrol. The sub then receives a launch order as well as coordinates where to launch it before being completely cut off from all communication. As the ship heads to the location, they don’t know that the launch orders didn’t come from the United States but actually a rogue group. A senior officer is then given a mission to track down the sub and stop the attack – by any means necessary – before it launches.

Another book by Campbell is called Treason. This book sees trouble in Russia as the military pulls a coup to take over the President with plans of attacking the US an retaking Ukraine and the Baltic States. Their plan to take all America’s bombers and ballistic missiles off the board and do their plan against the Ukraine. Without their primary weapons, the US will have to get crafty to save the Russian president and retake control of the forces that could cause a world war.

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