Roisin Meaney is an Irish writer who has written extensively for children and adults. Her books have reached bestseller status and she has become a prominent voice in the publishing industry, both in Ireland and abroad.

Meaney burst onto the scene with her first novel, The Daisy Picker, which was the winner of a Write a Bestseller competition. That turned out to be rather prophetic as many of her novels have become books that reached the top of the bestseller list in Ireland. Her books have been translated into many languages with some even making their way to the U.S.

Publication Order of Journal Books

(with Judi Curtin)

See If I Care (2007)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Summer Books

One Summer (2012)Amazon UK |
After the Wedding (2014)Amazon UK |
I'll Be Home for Christmas (2015)Amazon UK |
The Birthday Party (2019)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Daisy Picker (2004)Amazon UK |
Putting Out the Stars (2005)Amazon UK |
Don't Even Think About It (2006)Amazon UK |
The Last Week of May (2007)Amazon UK |
The People Next Door (2008)Amazon UK |
Half Seven on a Thursday (2009)Amazon UK |
Love in the Making / Semi-Sweet (2010)Amazon UK |
The Things We Do for Love /Life Drawing for Beginners (2011)Amazon UK |
Something in Common (2013)Amazon UK |
Two Fridays in April (2015)Amazon UK |
The Reunion (2017)Amazon UK |
The Street Where You Live (2017)Amazon UK |
The Anniversary (2018)Amazon UK |
The Book Club (2021)Amazon UK |
Life Before Us (2022)Amazon UK |

If You Like Roisin Meaney Books, You’ll Love…

The Daisy Picker is the warm and engaging read that put Meaney on the map. The book follows Lizzie who is a woman that many people think has it all. Her parents love her, the most eligible man in town wants to marry her, and she makes the most creative mouth-watering cakes. Then one day everything changes and she’s set off an adventure into the Wild West of Ireland. She’ll meet many interesting characters along the way and see her dreams potentially coming true while her life itself is turned upside down.

Another great book by Meaney is called The Anniversary. This book sees the Cunningham family heading to their holiday home by the sea. The only problem is that the Cunninghams are no longer married and each is planning to bring their significant others. Meanwhile, their daughter Poll is there with her boyfriend and she plans on letting her father know exactly what she thinks of her dad’s new love Chloe. While her brother Thomas has very different feelings for Chloe. Things will get complicated for this family over one weekend and things will not be the same when it’s done.

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  1. June Mackie: 12 months ago

    is there a story on Roone Island between after the wedding and I,ll be home for christmas. I feel like i have missed part of the series about Andy and Eve. I love your writing so much June Mackie from Australia


    • Graeme: 12 months ago

      Nope there is not. The four books in the Roone series listed above are the only ones and in that order (so far)


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