Saul Herzog is the author of the Lance Spector Thriller series of books. The series began in 2020 with the release of The Asset.

The name of Saul Herzog is actually a pen name. The actual author is unknown at this time, but they are one of the publishing industry’s most successful thriller writers. The author chose to write this series as a passion project after years of research.

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The Asset is the first book in the Lance Spector thriller series. The book begins after Lance has quit the CIA and believes that he is out for good. He couldn’t take any more lies from the government and was tired of doing their dirty work. He’d reached the point where he thought that they could all go to hell. However, a secret expedition in Russia has lead to a new pathogen that is the super biological weapon that the Russians have been looking for. It is an apocalypse pathogen and more deadly than anything we’ve seen before. A mysterious vial arrives at CIA headquarters with a note attached that reads: “I will only speak to Lance Spector.” Whether he wants to or not, Lance is about to get pulled back in to active duty.

The third book in the Lance Spector thriller series is The Target. In this book, a policewoman at the Latvian border has found something terrifying in the woods: proof of an impending Russian invasion. In Berlin, someone is trying to get a message to the CIA, but the Kremlin’s assassins are all over and determined to stop them. The goal of the Kremlin is the reestablishment of the USSR and is willing to risk World War III to get it. In order to stop them, the CIA will call on the one man who can do it.

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3 Responses to “Order of Saul Herzog Books”

  1. Jane: 3 months ago

    Just finished book number three, The Target. I must say I am hooked. Number four is on order.


  2. Bob Erlandson: 1 year ago

    The Lance Spector series, great stories well told.

    Lance combines James Bond and Superman, with some Spiderman thrown in.

    His adventures are page turners and it’s among the best series ever.


  3. DANIEL G GOAD, JR: 2 years ago


    I just finished the first book as an audiobook. I was hooked on this series. I now find that the rest of this series is NOT available as an audiobook. Do you know if they are being recorded and will be out at some point or not?



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