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S.D. Tooley is an American novelist of paranormal mystery and fantasy novels. She writes the Sam Casey series and the Chase Dagger series (as Lee Driver). Sandra was raised near Chicago, Illinois and lives in Northwest Indiana. In her teens, she read Nancy Drew books like any young lady at the time, but later grew to love the works of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and James Patterson – all of whom she considers strong influences. Besides being an author, Sandra has also been a car salesman, sales assistant, administrative assistant, seminar coordinator and a casino dealer.

S.D. Tooley became a published author in 1999, when she published the novels When the Dead Speak and The Good Die Twice (as Lee Driver). Below is a list of S.D. Tooley’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Chase Dagger Mysteries Books

(as Lee Driver)

The Good Die Twice (2000)Description / Buy at
Full Moon-Bloody Moon (2000)Description / Buy at
The Unseen (2004)Description / Buy at
Chasing Ghosts (2008)Description / Buy at
Fatal Storm (2011)Description / Buy at
The Vaporizer (2012)Description / Buy at
Nightfall (2015)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Remy and Roadkill Mystery Books

Publication Order of Sam Casey Mystery Books

When the Dead Speak (1999)Description / Buy at
Nothing Else Matters (2000)Description / Buy at
Restless Spirit (2002)Description / Buy at
Echoes from the Grave (2007)Description / Buy at
What Lies Within (2010)Description / Buy at
Destiny Kills (2012)Description / Buy at
The Tunnel (2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Mysteries to Die For (2011)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Chase Dagger series is written as Lee Driver. The collection Mysteries to Die For contains stories written as both S.D. Tooley and Lee Driver.

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S.D. Tooley Synopsis: The Skull is a middle-grade mystery novels by S.D. Tooley, and is the first in the Remy and Roadkill series. Three 13-year-olds try out their crime scene investigator hates to reveal a town’s well-hidden secret. To help practice facial reconstruction, Remy finds a monkey skull for purchase at an estate sale. Curious how the animal died, she enlists the aid of the school’s outcast — a teen with a strange fascination with dead animals. They team up with a runaway and together take a job in the mansion’s library. But they have more than shelving books on their minds, because when Remy completed her reconstruction, she discovered that the skull wasn’t from an animal. There are others who know the skull is not that of a monkey, but a human. And there is one person who will stop at nothing to keep its identity from becoming known.

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