Seth Ring is an American author of LitRPG novels. He writes the Titan and Battle Mage Farmer series. Seth grew up splitting his time between the States and Ghana, so books were his constant. As he grew older, his imagination grew larger, and he thought of stories involving good vs. evil, magic, and technology, and decided it might be a good idea to write some of them down. Seth lives with his wife, kids and dog.

Seth Ring made his debut as an author in 2018 with Titan, which was the first book of his Titan series. Below is a list of Seth Ring’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Battle Mage Farmer Books

Publication Order of Dreamer's Throne Books

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Publication Order of The Titan Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Mad Master Alchemist (2023)Description / Buy at

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Seth Ring Synopses: Domestication by Seth Ring is the first book in the Battle Mage Farmer series. In a world teetering on the brink of an impending apocalypse, John Sutton is focused on just one of three critical elements.

Having retired from a grueling decade of warfare, all John desires is a tranquil rural existence, where he can diligently work to curb the relentless rise of his Doom Points. The ominous countdown to the inevitable 100, which heralds the onset of the end, looms over him.

As a gesture of gratitude for his service, he’s been granted a small farm on the empire’s outskirts. But no matter how far he journeys, he finds it impossible to escape the war’s pervasive and devastating influence on the world.

Amidst a backdrop of bandits, distrustful townspeople, enigmatic siblings, and a hidden secret nestled in the mountains, John’s hard-earned peace is constantly under threat. To prevent everything from going up in flames, he’ll need to draw upon his formidable abilities and resolve.

Dreamer’s Throne by Seth Ring is the first book in a series of the same name. After a harrowing brush with death, Garrett awakens to a startling revelation – he’s in a completely unfamiliar world, and to make matters worse, he’s missing an arm and paralyzed from the waist down. What’s more, the ruthless gang lord whose hospitality he’s depending on has no qualms about casting him out onto the unforgiving streets.

With only his wits and the assistance of a spirited young woman standing between him and a chilling demise at the hands of the city’s scavengers, Garrett faces a perilous situation.

Empowered with a System that awards him experience for navigating this new reality, Garrett is resolute in his determination to do whatever it takes to safeguard himself from the looming threats. Even if it means adopting the role of a villain.

But the inn and the city conceal secrets far more sinister than he could have ever imagined. Menacing creatures lurk in every shadow, and no conventional weapon can fend them off. Moreover, a peculiar lucid Dream world teeters on the edge of Garrett’s consciousness, and it refuses to remain a mere dream. As it starts to bleed into the real world, Garrett grasps that the hostile gangs surrounding him are the least of his worries.

In Soul Caller by Seth Ring, from a tender age, Merrick has been bestowed with a unique blessing from the Great Spirits, endowing him with an extraordinarily strong connection to the Song of the World.

As the date of his Warrior Ceremony approaches, Merrick is confident that his most fervent wish is on the cusp of fulfillment. Little does he suspect that he is about to be thrust into a tumultuous whirlwind of change, one that threatens to upend his entire world.

Intruders from another realm are slowly encroaching upon his people’s territory, driven by a relentless appetite for every available resource. When Merrick volunteers to serve as a guide for a well-to-do prospector’s expedition, he soon realizes he may have taken on more than he can handle.

As fierce wolves prowl in the shadows and venomous insects lurk beneath every leaf, the true peril resides in the hearts of his fellow travelers as they venture into the untamed wilderness in search of a treasure they know little about.

Empowered with a Guardian Spirit he struggles to comprehend and possessing enigmatic knowledge of the future, Merrick must summon every ounce of courage and resilience within him to navigate the treacherous mountains and emerge unscathed.

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