Steve Hamilton is an American novelist who is the author of the Alex McKnight series. Hamilton has won several several awards, including Best First Mystery, Best First Novel and Best Novel (twice). He only writes part-time at night and spends his days working for IBM.

Aside from the Alex McKnight series (which encompasses the majority of his work), Steve Hamilton has also written two standalone novels. Below is the order in which all of Steve Hamilton’s published works have been released in:

Publication Order of Alex McKnight Books

A Cold Day in Paradise (1998) |
Winter of the Wolf Moon (2000) |
The Hunting Wind (2001) |
North of Nowhere (2002) |
Blood is the Sky (2003) |
Ice Run (2004) |
A Stolen Season (2006) |
Beneath the Book Tower (Short Story) (2011) |
Misery Bay (2011) |
Die a Stranger (2012) |
Let it Burn (2013) |
Dead Man Running (2018) |
Riddle Island (Short Story) (2020) |

Publication Order of Nick Mason Books

The Second Life of Nick Mason (2016) |
Exit Strategy (2017) |
An Honorable Assassin is yet to be published.

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Night Work (2007) |
The Lock Artist (2009) |

Publication Order of Kate O'Hare & Nicolas Fox Books

Pros and Cons (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2013) |
The Heist (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2013) |
The Chase (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014) |
The Shell Game (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014) |
The Job (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014) |
The Scam (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2015) |
The Pursuit (By: Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2016) |
The Big Kahuna (By: Janet Evanovich,Peter Evanovich) (2019) |
The Bounty (With: Janet Evanovich) (2021) |
The Shell Game is a prequel short story to the Kate O’Hare & Nicolas Fox series.

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  1. Phyllis Elaine de Lange: 10 months ago

    Steve, You are not writing fast enough! Love Alex. Thanks!


  2. Christine: 7 years ago

    ki, what;s new with alex mcknight? anticipation!! new novel? read all others.


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