Susan Mihalic is an American author who burst on the scene in 2021 with the release of her first novel, Dark Horses. Her debut was the recipient of many great reviews and was listed as on the Most Anticipated Books of 2021 by The book is a darkly gripping novel about a teenage equestrian prodigy as she struggles to reclaim her life from an abusive father.

Prior to becoming an author, Susan worked as a book editor, curriculum writer, writing instructor, and freelance writer, editor, and as a teacher of therapeutic horseback riding. She attended and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi. Mihalic now makes her home in Taos, New Mexico. She wrote her first book at the age of 59 years old. In her writing, she worked extensively with an agent to edit and revise the story until it was just right.

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Dark Horses focuses on a fifteen-year-old equestrian prodigy named Roan Montgomery. Growing up, she’s only ever known her two worlds: the world of horseback riding and everything else. Her worlds are ruled by her father (who is also her coach), a strict man who demands obedience in all areas of her life. There is a warped power dynamic between the two that extends far beyond the stables with their relationship becoming inappropriate long ago. Roan is able to compartmentalize that part of her life and puts her full focus o becoming a rider at the Olympics, just as her father once had. She’s long been single minded, but that view will change when she meets Will, a boy her own age, who she develops a relationship with. A relationship that allows her to see outside of her narrow view. Roan’s story is one of raw courage and resilience that makes for a powerful and needed story.

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