William H. Lovejoy is an American thriller writer. His books cover the genres of thriller, suspense, and mystery; and he has written numerous bestsellers while being called a “master storyteller” by the great Clive Cussler.

Lovejoy grew up in the West as he lived in Nebraska, Montana, and Colorado. For college, he headed to Colorado State University where he earned his bachelors and masters degrees. He would then go on to serve in the Vietnam war. For his career, he worked as a college assistant professor and later on the administration end as a state college president and college system chief fiscal author.

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Ultra Deep starts with what should be a good time as the new post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States is looking to celebrate. However, when the launch of a new rocket goes horribly wrong it sends the whole world into a panic. There is a nuclear reactor on board and it could lead to a meltdown if something isn’t done fast. The rocket is heading deep into the ocean that it seems impossible that anyone will find it on time. This is where Dane Brande comes in. He’s the world’d leading oceanographer and the best man for the job. He’s the world’s only hope for salvation.

Another good book by Lovejoy is Delta Blue. The book sees a reunified Germany focusing on their military. A US space station has spotted oil drilling around Greenland and the thinking is that the Germans are up to something. This leads to astronaut Kevin McKenna and his team investigation with an alliance with the Soviets. It will involve a series of challenging missions for the crew, but ones that will be wholly necessary if they are to potentially stop World War 3.

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