The Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries is a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Isabella Alan. The series follows Angela Braddock, who has inherited the Running Stitch from her aunt, who is living alongside the Amish in Rolling Brook, Ohio. Along with her is her French bulldog. But when bodies turn up, Angela may have to take it upon herself to perform a little detective work…

Isabella Alan began her Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries series in 2013 with the novella Plainly Murder. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Isabella Alan’s Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological):

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Publication Order of Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries Books

Plainly Murder(2013)Description / Buy at
Murder, Plain and Simple(2013)Description / Buy at
Murder, Simply Stitched(2014)Description / Buy at
Murder, Served Simply(2014)Description / Buy at
Murder, Plainly Read(2015)Description / Buy at
Murder, Handcrafted(2016)Description / Buy at

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Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries Synopsis: Murder, Plain and Simple is the first full-length novel in the Amish Shop Quilt Mysteries series. With her snazzy cowboy boots and her ornithophobic French bulldog, Angie doesn’t exactly fit in with the predominantly Amish community in Rolling Brook, but her aunt’s quilting circle tries to make her feel at home as she works to re-open the Running Stitch. On the big day, Angie gets a taste of success as the locals and Englisch tourists browse the store’s wares while the quilters stitch away. But when Angie finds the body of ornery Amish woodworker Joseph in her storeroom the next morning, everything starts falling apart. With evidence mounting against her, Angie is determined to find the culprit before the local sheriff can arrest her. Rolling Brook always appeared to be a simple place, but the closer Angie gets to the killer, the more she realizes that nothing in the small Amish community is as plain as it appears…

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