Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry
Anastasia Krupnik is the protagonist in a series of children’s novels by American author Lois Lowry. Anastasia is a 10 year-old girl who is simply trying to grow up and dealing with all sorts of issues that go along with growing up. There is also a spin-off series which features her little brother, Sam Krupnik. The series is intended for children ages 8-12.

Lois Lowry began her Anastasia Krupnik series with the novel Anastasia Krupnik, which was published in 1979. The series lasted nine books, concluding in 1995 with the book Anastasia, Absolutely. The Sam Krupnik series began in 1988 with the book All About Sam and lasted four books, with the last one being Zooman Sam, published in 1999. Below is a list of Lois Lowry’s Anatasia & Sam Krupnik books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Anastasia Krupnik Books

Anastasia Krupnik(1978)Description / Buy at
Anastasia Again!(1981)Description / Buy at
Anastasia at Your Service(1982)Description / Buy at
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst / Off Her Rocker(1984)Description / Buy at
Anastasia on Her Own(1985)Description / Buy at
Anastasia Has the Answers(1986)Description / Buy at
Anastasia's Chosen Career(1987)Description / Buy at
Anastasia at This Address(1991)Description / Buy at
Anastasia, Absolutely(1995)Description / Buy at

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Anastasia Krupnik Synopsis: In Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry, Anastasia is a 10 year-old girl whose life is filled with both good and bad. The good is that she thinks she’s falling in love and she’s getting to know her grandmother really well. The bad is that she’s got a baby brother on the way…

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