Annika Bengtzon by Liza Marklund
Annika Bengtzon is the protagonist in a series of Scandinavian crime thriller novels by Swedish novelist Liza Marklund. Annika splits her time between her busy schedule working as a crime reporter for a Stockholm tabloid and life at home as a mother. The series has been adapted to film where the lead character is portrayed by Malin Crepin.

Liza Marklund debuted her Annika Bengtzon character with the novel Sprangaren, published in Swedish in 1998. The novel would be translated and published in English as The Bomber in 2000. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Liza Marklund’s Annika Bengtzon books in order of when they were first published in English (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Annika Bengtzon Books

Chronological Order of Annika Bengtzon Books

Notes: Paradise was also published as Vanished. Studio Sex was also published under the titles of Studio 69 and Exposed.

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Annika Bengtzon Synopsis: In The Bomber by Liza Marklund, it’s only months before the Stockholm Olympic Summer Games and a bomb has decimated the brand new Olympic arena in the city. Along with the new area, it’s also blown someone to bits. As the lone female reporter at a Swedish tabloid, Annika must fight tooth-and-nail to gain respect from her peers. While she’s being eaten alive by her professional life, her personal and family life is taking a beating as well. But she’s got a lead that the bombing was something besides terrorism – infact, it was personal. But as Annika gets closer to the truth, she may be the next one to get blown up. Will uncovering this story be her biggest triumph or her last mistake?

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