Appomattox Saga by Gilbert Morris
The Appomattox Saga is a series of Christian historical/romantic fiction by American author Gilbert Morris. Each novel in the series follows a different character (or characters), including Clay Rocklin, Denton Rocklin & Deborah Steele, Rachel Franklin, Paul Bristol, Burke Rocklin, Lowell Rocklin, Allyn Griffeth Rocklin, Frank Rocklin and Austin & Marie Bristol.

Gilbert L. Morris began his Appomattox Saga in 1992 with the novel A Covenant of Love. The series went for ten novels, concluding in 1998 with the novel A Witness in Heaven. Below is a list of Gilbert Morris’ Appomattox books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of The Appomattox Saga Books

A Covenant of Love(1992)Description / Buy at
Gate of His Enemies(1992)Description / Buy at
Where Honor Dwells(1993)Description / Buy at
Land of the Shadow(1993)Description / Buy at
Out of the Whirlwind(1994)Description / Buy at
Shadow of His Wings(1994)Description / Buy at
Wall of Fire(1995)Description / Buy at
Stars in Their Courses(1995)Description / Buy at
Chariots in the Smoke(1997)Description / Buy at
Witness in Heaven(1998)Description / Buy at

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Appomattox Saga Synopses: In A Covenant of Love by Gilbert Morris (book 1 of the Appomattox Saga series), Clay and Gideon Rocklin must work out not only their political differences, but moreso their love for the same woman.

Gate of His Enemies by Gilbert Morris is book 2 in the Appomattox Saga. Deborah Steele and Dent Rocklin are on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixie Line and they will do whatever they possibly can for their respective sides, but this will put their love to the test.

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2 Responses to “Order of Appomattox Saga Books”

  1. Louise: 2 years ago

    I just finished Book 10 of the Appomattox Saga & can’t believe it’s over. I’ve been looking and looking to see if Gilbert Morris wrote any additional books to this series as it doesn’t seem like it should’ve ended with so many characters still unaccounted for. And with the Civil War not ended at the time of the last book. Thought he would have another book to tie up all the Rockin family as well as the end to the civil war. Sooo disappointed!


    • Bonnie Swecker: 8 months ago

      Is there another book that picks up the characters in the Appomattox series? It seems unended!


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