The Charlie Crawford Mystery series is a series of mystery novels set in Palm Beach, Florida. The series is authored by Tom Turner and features Charlie Crawford, a former New York Police Department detective, who makes his way to Palm Beach for a quieter life, but soon finds that some of the residents here are as evil as they are wealthy.

Tom Turner is the author of this series and he spent a lot of time in Palm Beach which shows up in the writing. He spent many years working in Boston and New York as an advertising copywriter. He eventually decided to leave that life behind and ended up in Palm Beach, Florida where he renovated houses and began work on this series.

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Publication Order of Charlie Crawford Mystery Books

Palm Beach Nasty(2015)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Poison(2016)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Deadly(2017)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Bones(2017)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Pretenders(2018)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Predator(2018)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Broke(2019)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Bedlam(2019)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Blues(2020)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Taboo(2021)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Piranha(2022)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Perfidious(2023)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Betrayers(2023)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Schemers(2024)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Scavengers(2024)Description / Buy at
Palm Beach Psycho(2024)Description / Buy at

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The Charlie Crawford Mystery series begins with Palm Beach Nasty. The story sees Charlie Crawford deciding to leave the NYPD after dealing with too many high-profile murders and having his life love life put on Page Six. He gets a job with the Palm Beach PD and is mostly dealing with petty crimes at first until the day that he’s on the scene of a man hanging from a banyan tree. The top suspects for the crime are a hedge-fund billionaire who likes younger girls and a shady bartender. In the middle of it all is Crawford’s girlfriend. Charlie will have to figure that situation out and deal with a forensic cop who is ahead of him and a combo of stone cold killers before he finds the killer.

Palm Beach Poison is the second book in the series. It follows Charlie dealing with Vasily and his brother, the kind of guy you don’t say no to or risk ending up dead. The two live in a $20 million oceanfront mansion with a harem of mistresses. As Charlie investigates, he’ll come across a engeful ex-wife, a vicious hit man, a mysterious tycoon that is even more dangerous than the brothers.

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