Charlie Parker Mysteries by Connie Shelton
The Charlie Parker Mysteries is a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Connie Shelton. Charlie Parker is a female private investigator who works out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Connie Shelton started her Charlie Parker Mysteries series in 1995 with the novel Deadly Gamble. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Connie Shelton’s Charlie Parker Mysteries books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Charlie Parker Books

Deadly Gamble(1995)Description / Buy at
Vacations Can Be Murder(1995)Description / Buy at
Partnerships Can Kill(1996)Description / Buy at
Small Towns can be Murder(1998)Description / Buy at
Memories Can Be Murder(1999)Description / Buy at
Honeymoons Can Be Murder(2001)Description / Buy at
Reunions Can Be Murder(2002)Description / Buy at
Competition Can Be Murder(2004)Description / Buy at
Balloons Can Be Murder(2005)Description / Buy at
Obsessions Can Be Murder(2006)Description / Buy at
Holidays Can Be Murder(2009)Description / Buy at
Gossip Can Be Murder(2010)Description / Buy at
Stardom Can Be Murder(2011)Description / Buy at
Phantoms Can be Murder(2012)Description / Buy at
Buried Secrets Can Be Murder(2013)Description / Buy at
Legends Can Be Murder(2014)Description / Buy at
Weddings Can Be Murder(2016)Description / Buy at
Alibis Can Be Murder(2017)Description / Buy at
Escapes Can Be Murder(2019)Description / Buy at
Old Bones Can Be Murder(2020)Description / Buy at
Money Can Be Murder(2022)Description / Buy at
Road Trips Can Be Murder(2023)Description / Buy at
Cruises Can Be Murder(2024)Description / Buy at

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Charlie Parker Mysteries Synopsis: Deadly Gamble is the first Charlie Parker Mystery from Connie Shelton. Charlie Parker is an accountant and partners in a private investigation business with her brother. Her goal in life is not to track down killers, but when an old friend named Stacy North asks for help, she agrees. Her Rolex is missing and Stacy doesn’t want her husband (Brad) to find out. Complicating matters, she is having an affair and if Brad finds out about that, she will end up seeing his horrible temper. Charlie is able to find the watch, but Stacy’s boyfriend is found dead. Can Charlie find out who the killer is before the police connect Stacy to the dead man?

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