Code Name is a series of military thrillers by American author William W. Johnstone. John Barrone is an ex-CIA agent who fought wars that nobody ever heard of. Today, he commands a secret force of the best law enforcement and intel professions on a mission to combat the enemies of the United States.

The Code Name series began in 2000 with Code Name: Payback. The series lasted seven novels (thus far) until 2005’s Code Name: Kill Zone. Below is a list of William W. Johnstone’s Code Name books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Code Name Books

Code Name: Payback (2000)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Survival (2000)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Death (2001)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Coldfire (2002)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Quickstrike (2003)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Extreme Prejudice (2004)Amazon UK |
Code Name: Kill Zone (2005)Amazon UK |

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