Detective Ella Marconi is a series of novels by author Katherine Howell. The series is a thriller mystery crime series set in Sydney, Australia. The series has won multiple awards including best adult crime novel from Davitt awards in 2008 and the Davitt’s reader’s choice award in 2009 for The Darkest Hour.

The book series features the use of paramedics as protagonists in the stories which makes sense when you learn that author Katherine Howell worked as a paramedic for 15 years and that is her field of expertise. Howell holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in writing with suspense being the subject of her Masters thesis.

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Frantic is the first book in this series and it kicks off with a terrible moment of tragedy. Paramedic Sophie Phillips sees her life crumble as her police officer husband is shot on their doorstep and their ten-month-old son is abducted. The case seems tied to police corruption, but Sophie believes it is far more personal. She is determined to search for her child herself and gets help from her husband’s partner. Detective Ella Marconi is working on the case, but Sophie’s impatience and desperation could cause her to lose everything important to her.

Another good book in the series is the award-winning The Darkest Hour. This book sees paramedic Lauren Yates finding a dead body in an alley with the killer nearby, and extremely close to her. The killer is her sister’s ex and the father of her niece, and she believes him when she tells him to keep quiet. A second victim tells appears and suddenly Detective Ella Marconi is on her back. Ella knows Lauren is the perfect witness, but this investigation could put Lauren’s life at risk.

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