Doug Selby by Erle Stanley Gardner
Doug Selby is the protagonist in a series of detective fiction by American author Erle Stanley Gardner. Selby starts out as D.A. in the rural fictional town of Madison City, California. He is only worried about justice, rather than his winning percentage as a prosecuting attorney.

Erle Stanley Gardner began his Doug Selby series in 1937 with the novel The D.A. Calls it Murder. The novels are all distinguished by the prefix “The D.A.” in each of the books’ titles. The series lasted nine novels, concluding in 1949 with the novel The D.A. Breaks an Egg. Below is a list of Erle Stanley Gardner’s Doug Selby books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Doug Selby Books

(Mignon G. Eberhart)

The D.A. Calls It Murder(1937)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Holds a Candle(1938)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Draws a Circle(1939)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Goes to Trial(1940)Description / Buy at
The D. A. Cooks a Goose(1942)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Calls a Turn(1944)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Breaks a Seal(1946)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Takes a Chance(1948)Description / Buy at
The D.A. Breaks An Egg(1949)Description / Buy at

Note: The D.A. Calls it Murder was first published using the title of This is Murder.

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