Dr Clare Burtonall by Jonathan Gash
Dr. Clare Burtonall is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by British novelist Jonathan Gash (John Grant). Dr. Clare Burtonall is a dedicated physician who ends up becoming a detective who partners up with a gigolo named Bonn.

Jonathan Gash began his Dr. Clare Burtonall series in 1997 with the novel Different Women Dancing. The series lasted five novels, concluding in 2006 with Blood Dancing. Below is a list of Jonathan Gash’s Dr. Clare Burtonall books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Dr. Clare Burtonall Books

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Dr. Clare Burtonall Synopses: Different Women Dancing by Jonathan Gash is the first book in his Dr. Clare Burtonall series. Claire meets Bonn when both witness the death of a businessman named Leonard Mostern. Claire begins to see that the businessman’s death was not an accident at all and that her husband had something to do with it. She hires Bonn to help her investigate.

Prey Dancing by Jonathan Gash is the second book in the Dr. Clare Burtonall series. Dr. Burtonall has promised to pass on a message from an AIDS patient who has passed on to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she was given no address, only that the boyfriend works at the wharf with pollen. But it turns out that the boyfrined is a weapons man for a gang, and he blames Clare for her death.

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