Fear Street is a series of young adult horror novels by American author R.L. Stine. The series takes place in a fictional city called Shadyside, set somewhere on the East Coast. More specifically, the street it’s on is named after the cursed Fear family. In comparison to Stine’s Goosebumps series, it is more gruesome, bloody, gorey and there are deaths. Although the series deals with the paranormal such as ghosts, many of the books involve murder mysteries.

The Fear Street series began in 1989 with The New Girl. The original series would end in 1998 with the last book in the series being The Stepbrother. The most recent Fear Street series is Fear Street Nights, published in 2005. Below is a list of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books in order of when they were first published (and in chronological order):

Publication Order of Fear Street Books

The New Girl (1989)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Surprise Party (1989)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Overnight (1989)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Missing (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Wrong Number (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Sleepwalker (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Haunted (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Halloween Party (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Stepsister (1990)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Ski Weekend (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Fire Game (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Lights Out (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Secret Bedroom (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Knife (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Prom Queen (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
First Date (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Best Friend (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Cheater (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Sunburn (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The New Boy (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Dare (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Bad Dreams (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Double Date (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Thrill Club (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
One Evil Summer (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Mind Reader (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Wrong Number 2 (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Truth or Dare (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Dead End (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Final Grade (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Switched (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
College Weekend (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Stepsister 2 (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
What Holly Heard (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Face (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Secret Admirer (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Perfect Date (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Confession (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Boy Next Door (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Night Games (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Runaway (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Killer's Kiss (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
All-Night Party (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Rich Girl (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cat (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Who Killed the Homecoming Queen? (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Into the Dark (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Best Friend 2 (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Trapped (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of 99 Fear Street: The House of Evil Books

The First Horror (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Second Horror (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Third Horror (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street Nights Books

Moonlight Secrets (2005)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Midnight Games (2005)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Darkest Dawn (2005)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street (Relaunch) Books

Party Games (2014)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Don't Stay Up Late (2015)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Lost Girl (2015)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Can You Keep a Secret? (2016)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Dead Boyfriend (2016)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Give Me a K-I-L-L (2017)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street Sagas Books

A New Fear (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
House of Whispers (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Forbidden Secrets (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Sign of Fear (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Hidden Evil (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Daughters of Silence (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Children of Fear (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Dance of Death (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Heart of the Hunter (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Awakening Evil (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Circle of Fire (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Chamber of Fear (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Faces of Terror (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
One Last Kiss (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Door of Death (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Hand of Power (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Raven Woman (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street Seniors Books

Let's Party (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
In Too Deep (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Thirst (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
No Answer (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Last Chance (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Gift (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Fight Team, Fight (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Sweetheart, Evil Heart (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Spring Break (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Wicked (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Prom Date (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Graduation Day (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street Super Chiller Books

Party Summer (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Silent Night (1991)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Goodnight Kiss (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Broken Hearts (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Silent Night 2 (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Dead Lifeguard (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cheerleaders: The New Evil (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Bad Moonlight (1994)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The New Year's Party (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Goodnight Kiss 2 (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Silent Night 3 (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
High Tide (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street Super Chiller: Cheerleaders Books

Cheerleaders: The First Evil (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cheerleaders: The Second Evil (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cheerleaders: The Third Evil (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cheerleaders: The New Evil (1992)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives! (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street: Fear Hall Books

The Beginning (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Conclusion (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street: Fear Park Books

The First Scream (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Loudest Scream (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Last Scream (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Fear Street: The Cataluna Chronicles Books

The Evil Moon (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Dark Secret (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Deadly Fire (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Ghosts Of Fear Street Books

Hide and Shriek (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave? (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Attack of the Aqua Apes (1995)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Nightmare in 3-D (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Stay Away From the Treehouse (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Eye of the Fortuneteller (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Fright Knight (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Ooze (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Revenge of the Shadow People (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Bugman Lives (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Boy Who Ate Fear Street (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Night of the Werecat (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
How to Be a Vampire (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Body Switchers from Outer Space (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Fright Christmas (1996)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Don't Ever Get Sick at Granny's (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
House of a Thousand Screams (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Camp Fear Ghouls (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Three Evil Wishes (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Spell of the Screaming Jokers (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Creature from Club Lagoona (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Field of Screams (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Monster Dog (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Halloween Bugs Me (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Go to Your Tomb - Right Now (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Parents from the 13th Dimension (1997)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Hide and Shriek II (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Tale of the Blue Monkey (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Escape of the He-Beast (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Caution: Aliens at Work (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Attack of the Vampire Worms (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Horror Hotel 1 (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Horror Hotel 2 (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Funhouse of Dr. Freek (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Ghosts of Fear Street: Twice Terrifying Tales Collection Books

Publication Order of New Fear Street Books

The Stepbrother (1998)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Camp Out (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Scream, Jennifer, Scream! (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Bad Girl (1999)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Return To Fear Street Books

You May Now Kill the Bride (2018)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Wrong Girl (2018)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
Drop Dead Gorgeous (2019)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Publication Order of The Fear Street Saga Trilogy Books

The Betrayal (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Secret (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com
The Burning (1993)Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

Notes: Who’s Been Sleeping in My Grave?, The Ooze and Fright Christmas were co-authored with Stephen Roos. Revenge of the Shadow People, Don’t Ever Get Sick at Granny’s and Camp Fear Ghouls co-authored by Jahnna N. Malcolm. The Bugman Lives was co-authored by Carol Gorman, How To Be a Vampire, Spell of the Screaming Jokers and Parents from the 13th Dimension were co-authored by Kathy Hall. Body Switchers from Outer Space, Why I’m Not Afraid of Ghosts and I Was a Sixth-Grade Zombie was co-authored by Nina Kiriki.

House of Whispers and Daughters of Silence were co-authored by Wendy Haley. Dance of Death was co-authored by Cameron Dokey.

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