Ghost Buddy by Henry Winkler Lin Oliver
Ghost Buddy is a series of supernatural-themed children’s novels by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. The series follows Billy Broccoli and his adventures with his spirited friend, “the Hoove.” The series is written for ages 8-12.

Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver began the Ghost Buddy series in 2012 with the novel Zero to Hero. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver’s Ghost Buddy books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Ghost Buddy Books

(By: Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver)

Zero to Hero(2012)Description / Buy at
Mind If I Read Your Mind?(2012)Description / Buy at
How to Scare the Pants Off Your Pets(2013)Description / Buy at
Always Dance with a Hairy Buffalo!(2013)Description / Buy at

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Ghost Buddy Synopsis: In Zero to Hero by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver (the first in the Ghost Buddy series), Billy Broccoli has just moved to a new neighbourhood. He just wants some new friends and a place on the local baseball team. But when he was looking for a new friend, he didn’t expect (or want) his friend to be a ghost from the other side! Needless to say, he wasn’t happy when he ended up having to share his room with Hoover Porterhouse III (aka the Hoove) – a funny ghost with a ton of attitude. When the school bully gives Billy trouble, the Hoove has an idea to get revenge – stay cool. The two of them will have to work together in order to get in style, get even and take over the school.

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  1. antlerlibrarian: 9 years ago

    Do students have to read these books in order? They love them but that’s the question I’m getting.


    • Graeme: 9 years ago

      I would recommend it – yes. Or at least read #1 and #2 in order as both are key in setting up the relationship between Billy and the ghost.


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