Golden Filly by Lauraine Snelling
The Golden Filly series is a series of Christian fiction novels by American novelist Lauraine Snelling. The series centers around a teenage girl named Tricia Evanston who dreams of winning the Triple Crown, with the support and training of her father.

Lauraine Snelling began her Golden Filly series in 1991 with the novel The Race. The series lasted ten novels, concluding in 1995 with The Winner’s Circle. It is recommended that the books are read in order. Below is a list of Lauraine Snelling’s Golden Filly books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Golden Filly Books

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Golden Filly Synopsis: In The Race by Lauraine Snelling (book 1 of the Golden Filly series), Tricia Evanston has always loved horses, as has her father. He has always supported her love of horse racing. However, her mother is a different story; always being concerned with her falling behind in school or perhaps getting injured. As Tricia turns 16, her father has been sick and eventually goes to the hospital. When the Evanstons find out the diagnosis, they are devastated. Tricia and brother David start looking after the ranch, but when some of their horses fall ill, Tricia’s schoolwork takes a dive. Can Tricia maintain her faith in God while her father is suffering? The novel is out of print in its original format, but can be found as part of the Golden Filly Collection 1 by Lauraine Snelling.

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