The Henry Gamadge Mysteries is a series of mystery novels by Elizabeth Daly. There are 16 novels in the series. The first book was Unexpected Night, released in 1940. The last book was The Book of Crime, released in 1951.

The series is written by Elizabeth Daly who lived rom 1878 to 1967. She was educated at Bryn Mawr College where she received her B.A. She earned her M.A. from Columbia University. Agatha Christie was a fan of the series and called Daly her favorite American author.

Publication Order of Henry Gamadge Mysteries Books

Unexpected Night(1940)Description / Buy at
Deadly Nightshade(1940)Description / Buy at
Murders in Volume 2(1941)Description / Buy at
The House Without the Door(1942)Description / Buy at
Evidence of Things Seen(1943)Description / Buy at
Nothing Can Rescue Me(1943)Description / Buy at
Arrow Pointing Nowhere(1944)Description / Buy at
The Book of the Dead(1944)Description / Buy at
Any Shape or Form(1945)Description / Buy at
Somewhere in the House(1946)Description / Buy at
The Wrong Way Down(1946)Description / Buy at
Night Walk(1947)Description / Buy at
The Book of the Lion(1948)Description / Buy at
And Dangerous to Know(1949)Description / Buy at
Death and Letters(1950)Description / Buy at
The Book of the Crime(1951)Description / Buy at

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Deadly Nightshade is the second book in the Henry Gamadge Mysteries series. There is talk of war all over the radio, but Gamadge finds himself in Maine as this book begins. He was invited here by Detective Mitchell who has a really tough case on his hands and needs Gamadge’s help. The case that he’s working on features three different children who have been poisoned with nightshade, a deadly plant, and no motive to link the children together. They all live in the same community, but that is the only real lead. There is a nearby encampment of travelers who could be involved. There is also the recent death of a state trooper that may be related. Gamadge will sort through the facts and try to find the killer before it’s too late.

The sixth book in the series is called Evidence of Things Seen. Henry’s wife Clara is off to a cottage in Berkshire for the summer. The place is haunted by the ghost of a woman in a sunbonnet, but that’s okay with her. Until the day the woman’s sister is strangled while Clara sleeps. Her only memory is of the woman in the sunbonnet. Henry will arrive just in time to help her figure it all out.

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