Richard Jury is a fictional character created by American novelist Martha Grimes. The books fall into the cozy mystery genre. Jury starts out as a chief inspector at Scotland Yard. He works with an aristocrat named Melrose Plant and Alfred Wiggins, a sergeant. Jury grew up an orphan after his parents died in World War II.

Martha Grimes began the Richard Jury series in 1981 with The Man With a Load of Mischief. Each book in the series is named after a pub. Below is a list of Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury books in order of when they were originally released (and in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Richard Jury Books

The Man With a Load of Mischief(1981)Description / Buy at
The Old Fox Deceiv'd(1982)Description / Buy at
The Anodyne Necklace(1983)Description / Buy at
The Dirty Duck(1984)Description / Buy at
Jerusalem Inn(1984)Description / Buy at
Help the Poor Struggler(1985)Description / Buy at
The Deer Leap(1985)Description / Buy at
I Am the Only Running Footman(1986)Description / Buy at
The Five Bells and Bladebone(1987)Description / Buy at
The Old Silent(1989)Description / Buy at
The Old Contemptibles(1991)Description / Buy at
The Horse You Came In On(1993)Description / Buy at
Rainbow's End(1995)Description / Buy at
The Case Has Altered(1997)Description / Buy at
The Stargazey(1998)Description / Buy at
The Lamorna Wink(1999)Description / Buy at
The Blue Last(2001)Description / Buy at
The Grave Maurice(2002)Description / Buy at
The Winds of Change(2004)Description / Buy at
The Old Wine Shades(2006)Description / Buy at
Dust(2007)Description / Buy at
The Black Cat(2010)Description / Buy at
Vertigo 42(2014)Description / Buy at
The Knowledge(2018)Description / Buy at
The Old Success(2019)Description / Buy at
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