Roger Brook is the protagonist in a series of historical fiction novels by English novelist Dennis Wheatley. The dashing hero Roger Brook is a secret agent, gallant and aide-de-camp to Napoleon. He is considered a master spy and gentleman adventurer.

Dennis Wheatley began his Roger Brook series in 1947 with The Launching of Roger Brook. The series ran for 12 novels, concluding with 1974’s Desperate Measures. Below is a list of Dennis Wheatley’s Roger Brook books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Roger Brook Books

The Launching of Roger Brook(1947)Description / Buy at
The Shadow of Tyburn Tree(1948)Description / Buy at
The Rising Storm(1949)Description / Buy at
The Man Who Killed the King(1951)Description / Buy at
The Dark Secret of Josephine(1955)Description / Buy at
The Rape of Venice(1959)Description / Buy at
The Sultan's Daughter(1963)Description / Buy at
The Wanton Princess(1966)Description / Buy at
Evil in a Mask(1969)Description / Buy at
The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware(1971)Description / Buy at
The Irish Witch(1973)Description / Buy at
Desperate Measures(1974)Description / Buy at

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Roger Brook Synopses: The Launching of Roger Brook by Dennis Wheatley is book 1 in the Roger Brook series. In 1783, young Roger Brook is fresh out of school and seeking his fame and fortune in France. Spurred on by his admiration for the delectable Georgina Thursby and the fair Athénais de Rochambeau, Brook gets involved in the secrets of French foreign policy, much to the peril of himself and his lady admirers.

The Shadow of the Tyburn Tree by Dennis Wheatley is the second book in the Roger Brook series. In 1788, Roger Brook is sent on a secret mission to Russia for Catherine the Great. Chosen by her to become her lover, Roger is compelled to move with the utmost care, for if it was known that not only was he spying for two countries but also having an affair with the sadistic and vicious Natalia, he would meet certain death.

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