The Secret Series is a series of novels written by prolific English author Enid Blyton. This excellent children’s series is full of mystery and adventure, as you can expect from just about anything written by Blyton.

All of the books start with the words “The Secret,” giving the series its name. Enid Blyton’s Secret Series consists of five books, published from the years 1938 to 1953. A list of the Secret Series books in order of when they were published is below:

Publication Order of The Secret Books

The Secret Island(1938)Description / Buy at
The Secret Of Spiggy Holes(1940)Description / Buy at
The Secret Mountain(1941)Description / Buy at
The Secret Of Killimooin(1943)Description / Buy at
The Secret Of Moon Castle(1953)Description / Buy at
The Secret Valley(2016)Description / Buy at

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Secret Series Synopses: In The Secret Island, three siblings are now orphans and have been sent to live with their aunt and uncle. They join together with another boy who has even less than they do to execute their escape.

Mike, Jack, Nora and Peggy have discovered The Secret of Siggy Holes, where a kidnapped prince is being held in an old house above the caves. Can the boys free the captive prince or will they be taken prisoner themselves?

In The Secret of Killimooin, Jack, Peggy, Nora and Mike are on summer holidays to Prince Paul’s castle in Killimooin, which is in the mountains of Baronia. Unbeknowst to them, the mountains are home to a band of robbers looking to kidnap all five of them!

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