The Third Soul is a series of fantasy novels by Jonathan Moeller. Rachaelis Morulan is an Initiate of the Conclave, a mighty order of powerful mages, and soon must face her Testing to become a full Adept. If she fails, her life is forfeit, along with her soul. Corthain Kalarien was once an outlaw mercenary. Now he is a powerful, wealthy lord, revered as the hero who saved the nations from a barbarian horde. But his old enemies have not forgotten him.

Jonathan Moeller began his Third Soul series in 2011 with the novel The Testing. The series lasted eight novels, concluding with The Tomb of Baligant in 2013. Below is a list of Jonathan Moeller’s Third Soul books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as the chronological order):

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Publication Order of Third Soul Books

The Testing(2011)Description / Buy at
The Assassins(2011)Description / Buy at
The Blood Shaman(2011)Description / Buy at
The High Demon(2011)Description / Buy at
The Burning Child(2012)Description / Buy at
The Outlaw Adept(2013)Description / Buy at
The Black Paladin(2013)Description / Buy at
The Tomb of Baligant(2013)Description / Buy at

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The Third Soul Synopses: The Testing by Jonathan Moeller is the first book in the Third Soul series. Rachaelis is an Initiate of the Conclave, the powerful order of mighty mages. But to become a full Adept of the Conclave, she must first survive the Testing. Those who survive the Testing never speak of the trials they endured. Those who fail the Testing are never seen again. And now the Magisters of the Conclave have come to take Rachaelis to undertake the Testing. And there she shall face perils to both her body and her sanity. And creatures that yearn to devour her soul…

The Assassins is the second book in the series. Rachaelis has survived the terrible ordeal of the Testing, and is now a full Adept of the Conclave. Yet even with her newfound magical power, she still faces danger. Assassins prowl in the shadows, daggers in their hands. Yet they do not seek to kill her. For the assassins’ dark master wants Rachaelis taken alive…

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