Thousand Worlds is a four-part sci-fi series by Canadian-American novelist Joel Rosenberg. Thousand Worlds is a science fiction series with lots of gunplay and action.

The first book, Ties of Blood and Silver was published in 1984. The series continued until Hero came out in 1990. For the full order of the Thousand Worlds series, the order of the books by date of publication is below:

Publication Order of Thousand Worlds Books

Ties of Blood and Silver(1984)Description / Buy at
Emile and the Dutchman(1985)Description / Buy at
Not For Glory(1988)Description / Buy at
Hero(1990)Description / Buy at

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Thousand Worlds Synopses: Not For Glory is the third book of the Thousand Worlds series by Joel Rosenberg. The soldiers of the planet Metzada go by a code passed down by their Jewish ancestors. When that code of conduct is broken by a soldier, his nephew is given the order to execute him.

In Hero (the final book in the Thousand Worlds series), a young man must overcome his fear of war while the war on Neuva Terra is being fought by some of the galaxy’s greatest soldiers.

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