Voyages Extraordinaire by Jules Verne
Voyages Extraordinaires is a series of adventure novels by French novelist Jules Verne. The series is made up of unconnected journeys and adventures by various people. The editor, Pierre-Jules Hetzel, said that the idea of the series was “to outline all the geographical, geological, physical, and astronomical knowledge amassed by modern science and to recount, in an entertaining and picturesque format … the history of the universe.” The books are made with extreme addition to detail, combined with a love for exploration. The books give the reader a good amount of knowledge of geology, biology, astronomy, paleontology, oceanography and many of the different cultures of the world from the time.

Jules Verne began his Voyages Extraordinaire series in 1863 with the novels Five Weeks in a Balloon and Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras. The series lasted 54 novels, concluding with 1905’s The Invasion of the Sea. Below is a list of Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires books in order of when they were first published:

Publication Order of Voyages Extraordinaires Books

Five Weeks in a Balloon(1863)Description / Buy at
The Adventures of Captain Hatteras(1864)Description / Buy at
Journey to the Center of the Earth(1864)Description / Buy at
From the Earth to the Moon(1865)Description / Buy at
Captain Grant's Children(1867)Description / Buy at
In Search Of The Castaways(1867)Description / Buy at
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(1869)Description / Buy at
Round The Moon(1869)Description / Buy at
A Floating City(1871)Description / Buy at
The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa(1872)Description / Buy at
The Fur Country(1873)Description / Buy at
Around the World in Eighty Days(1873)Description / Buy at
The Mysterious Island(1874)Description / Buy at
The Survivors of the Chancellor(1875)Description / Buy at
Michael Strogoff or, The Courier of the Czar(1876)Description / Buy at
Off On A Comet(1877)Description / Buy at
Child of the Cavern(1877)Description / Buy at
Dick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen(1878)Description / Buy at
The Begum's Fortune(1879)Description / Buy at
The Tribulations of a Chinaman(1879)Description / Buy at
The Steam House(1880)Description / Buy at
Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon(1881)Description / Buy at
Godfrey Morgan(1882)Description / Buy at
The Green Ray(1882)Description / Buy at
Keraban the Inflexible(1883)Description / Buy at
The Vanished Diamond: The Star of the South(1884)Description / Buy at
The Archipelago On Fire(1884)Description / Buy at
Mathias Sandorf(1885)Description / Buy at
The Lottery Ticket(1885)Description / Buy at
Robur the Conqueror(1886)Description / Buy at
North Against South(1887)Description / Buy at
The Flight To France(1887)Description / Buy at
Two Years' Vacation(1888)Description / Buy at
Family Without A Name(1889)Description / Buy at
The Purchase of the North Pole: Topsy-Turvy(1889)Description / Buy at
Caesar Cascabel(1890)Description / Buy at
Mistress Branican(1891)Description / Buy at
The Castle of the Carpathians(1892)Description / Buy at
Claudius Bombarnac(1892)Description / Buy at
Foundling Mick(1893)Description / Buy at
Captain Antifer(1894)Description / Buy at
Propeller Island(1895)Description / Buy at
Facing The Flag(1896)Description / Buy at
Clovis Dardentor(1896)Description / Buy at
The Survivors of the Jonathan(1897)Description / Buy at
The Sphinx of the Ice / An Antarctic Mystery(1897)Description / Buy at
The Mighty Orinoco(1898)Description / Buy at
Will Of An Eccentric(1899)Description / Buy at
The Castaways of the Flag(1900)Description / Buy at
Village in the Treetops(1901)Description / Buy at
Sea Serpent(1901)Description / Buy at
The Kip Brothers(1902)Description / Buy at
Travel Scholarships(1903)Description / Buy at
Drama In Livonia(1904)Description / Buy at
Master of the World(1904)Description / Buy at
The Lighthouse at the End of the World(1905)Description / Buy at
Invasion of the Sea(1905)Description / Buy at
The Chase of the Golden Meteor(1908)Description / Buy at
The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz(1910)Description / Buy at

Notes: Five Weeks in a Balloon was also titled Journeys and Discoveries in Africa by Three Englishmen. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth was also published as A Journey to the Interior of the Earth. In Search of the Castaways was also published under the title The Children of Captain Grant. The Survivors Of The Chancellor was also known as The Chancellor. Hector Servadac was also known as Off on a Comet. The Underground City was also titled Black Indies. Eight Hundred Leagues on The Amazon was also published as The Cryptogram. The Southern Star was also known as The Vanished Diamond. Robur the Conqueror was also known as Clipper of the Clouds. North Against South was also titled Texar’s Revenge. Claudius Bombarnac was also known as Adventures of a Special Correspondent. Propeller Island was also titled Floating Island. Facing the Flag was also known as For the Flag. The Aerial Village was also known as The Village in the Treetops. The Sphinx of the Ice was also published as An Antarctic Mystery.

Voyages Extraordinaires Synopses: In Master of the World by Jules Verne, The Terror is a combination ship/sub/plane/land vehicle. Its inventor has sent a letter claiming that with it, he will take over the world. Is he bluffing? John Strock must find out the truth before any of these plans come to fruition!

In Adrift in the Pacific/Two Years’ Holiday by Jules Verne, a group of boys find themselves lost at sea. Following a nasty storm, they end up on a deserted island where they must not only learn how to co-exist, but to survive.

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