The Wolf Brethren series is a series of historical fiction novels by English novelist by Griff Hosker. The series is set at the end of the sixth century, towards the end of the Roman rule of Britain. The series is also known as the Wolf Warrior series.

Griff Hosker began his Wolf Brethren series in 2013 with the novel Saxon Dawn. Below is a list of Griff Hosker’s books in order of when they were first published:

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Publication Order of Wolf Brethren Books

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Wolf Brethren Synopses: Saxon Dawn by Griff Hosker is the first book in the Wolf Brethren series. Set in the late Sixth Century Saxon Dawn shows the last flames of resistance to the Anglo-Saxon invaders. King Arthur and the last of the Romans have gone but King Urien fights on. When three orphans join his warriors then the tide begins to turn and, despite, overwhelming odds they begin to turn the tide.

Saxon Revenge by Griff Hosker is the second book in the Wolf Brethren series. Roman Britain is coming to an end and King Aella is engaged in a death struggle with the last Kings of Britannia. Even though Lord Lann, the Wolf Warrior, is undefeated, there is treachery and betrayal within the ranks of the allies.

Saxon England is the third book in the series by Griff Hosker. The Saxons have surrounded Rheged and only the Warlord of Rheged and his men stand between them and the annihilation of the last survivors of Britain.

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