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  1. Joyce Buker: 3 years ago

    I am reading a new series by Jack Carr starting with The Terminal List, True Believer and Savage Son. The main character is James Reece, a former navy seal. They are classified as thrillers and they do not disappoint. I highly recommend them.


    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Yes recommended that series in the newsletter before. Glad you are enjoying it it’s very popular 🙂 Cheers


  2. Maish Novick: 3 years ago

    Good morning
    I am looking for the series of books written by Daniel Silva. The Gabriel Alon series
    Please let me know if you have any of the series in stick
    Kind regards
    Maish Novick


  3. Naked Hombre: 5 years ago

    I just received my first email from order a Books and I’m really trying hard to like the website except I’m thrown a monkey wrench by an anomaly in the very first sentence right out of the shoot in the monthly newsletter for me and I quote:Welcome to May! Depending on wear you live, ///
    Well,sorry but I can’t help but notice the misuse of the word “WEAR”!
    Surely the writer meant to say WHERE not wear. The correct use of words that sound alike I learned by the third grade. If one of the students was a dummy in his conversation it didn’t need discipline from the teachers because we ourselves would point fingers and snicker and say you dummy don’t you know the difference? So unfortunately I can’t escape my pet peeve for correctness and I can’t help but to judge the quality of what I can expect to find in this website by the sloppy use of language right at the outset! Doesn’t any one of the idiots among you proofread the crap you compose before you commit it to print and sending it out electronically to hundreds if not thousands of subscribers? Apparently not. I lose respect. And I just don’t want to read any further. So all of that effort to create a good look and the jazzy tempo and the concepts on your website and you let it fall apart because of uneducated jerks. That’s all


    • Graeme: 5 years ago

      Hi Naked Hombre,

      I just wanted to point out that it is “Order of Books” not “order a Books”. It’s also “chute” not “shoot”.

      Maybe you should hire someone to proofread the “crap you compose” before putting it out there on the World Wide Web for all to read?

      Have a fabulous day.


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